Best Ac Temperature for Sleeping In Summer Reviews & Buying Guide in2024


All over the world people are experiencing heat waves. People are trying to stay cool by every means possible be it running though the sprinkler, swimming at their backyard or barreling down. To stay cool during the work day means one has to invest in an air conditioner. However, the air conditioners will cost you a leg and an arm for every degree drop.  Thankfully, there are AC temperatures that are cheaper and efficient alternatives.

The AC temperature also known as evaporative coolers are a great option to help keep you cool during the warm months. However, their wide variety has made it quite challenging for buyers to identify the ideal ac temperature for sleeping.

In this review guide, we will be looking at the top 5 best ac temperature for sleeping in summer in Celsius.

Best 5 Product Reviews

Boasting of over 7 years’ experience in handling different HVAC tools, our team of editors spent 30+ hours conducting extensive research on 50 different evaporative coolers in the market.  The editors consulted 5 different HVAC air conditioners experts, read through customer reviews in different online forums and performed as series of tests to help them get to best 5 AC temperatures for sleeping in summer.

The team considered the portability, power consumption, warranty period, size, design and several other features in their research.

After a series of deliberations, they came up with the 5 AC temperatures for sleeping in summer listed below.

5 Product Reviews

1. Hessaire MC37M Evaporative Cooler (Best Ac Temperature for Sleeping In Summer)

Best Ac Temperature for Sleeping In Summer

This Hessaire MC37M Evaporative Cooler is an excellent option for every type of rooms inclusive of the large open living spaces.

With this best ac temperature for sleeping in summer in Celsius, you can be sure that whenever the outside temperature is high and humidity is low the room will be rapidly cooled. Whenever it is in use, this cooler will always reveal a 25 degrees difference between the outside and the inside temperatures.

Its swamp cooler feature comprises of several air intake panels that is tasked with sucking air from three sides. This allows the room to quickly and efficiently cool.  The pump helps with carrying water from the XeL50 high density rigid media that comprises of a larger evaporating surface area.

It is available in a relatively affordable price despite its high portability and great cooling performance.

  • It is compact in design and very portable hence easy to carry around.
  • Comes with a swamp cooler that helps in efficiently and quickly cooling spaces.
  • Quite affordable hence suitable for those in tight budget.
  • The speed of the fan can always be adjusted.
  • Lacks a timer.
  • Its low speed fan is only suitable for cooler weathers.

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2. SereneLife SLACHT108 Portable Air Conditioner Compact Home AC Cooling (Best Ac Temperature for Sleeping In Summer)

Best Ac Temperature for Sleeping In Summer

 Are you in need of a lightweight and well-designed AC temperature for sleeping in summer? This Serene Life SLACHT108 Portable Air Conditioner will be a great choice for you.

Its sleek body design, lightweight nature and appealing look make it suit the living room or bedroom.  It comes with rolling wheels making it very easy to move around. It compact design and small size makes it space saving.

This best temp for air conditioner at night comes with an in built dehumidifier that ensures apart from getting the portable AC cooling effect; the humidity levels are also reduced.

This Serene Life SLACHT108 Portable Air Conditioner features an electric plug with 4 modes namely; dehumidifier, fan, heating and cooling.  This best ac temperature for sleeping baby also features the automatic swing mode together with a moving wind vent that helps ensure excellent circulation of air.

The digital touch button comprises of fan speed, temperature, power, timer and mode settings. Other functions in the control panel are the sleep key and the unit selection which can always be adjusted with the remote control.

This best temp for air conditioner at night consumed 350 square feet of space making it space saving and has a cooling power of 6000 BTU and heating power of 9000 BTU.

  • It doubles up as a heater
  • Can shut off automatically
  • Quite affordable hence perfect for those on low budget
  • Comes with a remote control hence one can change settings while on the go
  • Its wheeled base is not that stable hence can at times topple up
  • Can only work on the AC

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3. DeLonghi EX390LVYN Portable Air Conditioner (Best Ac Temperature for Sleeping In Summer)

Best Ac Temperature for Sleeping In Summer

This DeLonghi EX390LVYN Portable Air Conditioner is a perfect option for anyone who wants to sleep during the summer.

This best ac temperature for sleeping baby comes with wattage of 1345 watts and a voltage of 115 volts making it a very powerful air conditioner. Most people prefer this air conditioner for use in office or when they are sleeping since it is very silent in operation.  Having a noise reduction of 4 dbA, this air condition provides a strong cold air stream without lots of noise.

This ac temperature for sleeping is capable of efficiently and evenly lowering   the temperature of any room measuring up to 700 square feet. 

The Eco real feel feature of this air conditioner enables it save up to 30% in consumption of energy. The feature auto adjusts the temperature for depending on the levels of humidity.

This best ac temperature for sleeping Celsius has been manufactured using high quality materials which makes it durable and long lasting.  It guarantees high comfort levels as it can account for the room climate by measuring humidity and temperature drying and cooling to match the comfort levels of your crave.

Its new cool smart sensing feature helps in monitoring the humidity, temperature and your room position and automatically makes adjustments to ensure your optimal surrounding is maintained.

  • Comes with an Eco real feel feature that helps save up to 30% of energy.
  • Its dust filter prevents dirt from getting into the unit.
  • It is very easy to clean and use.
  • Durable and long lasting due to the high quality materials used.
  • Quite expensive hence not suitable for those on limited budget.
  • User manual is not well written making it difficult to understand.

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4. BLACK+DECKER 8000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner (Best Ac Temperature for Sleeping In Summer)

Best Ac Temperature for Sleeping In Summer

This BLACK+DECKER 8000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner will help keeps you comfortable and cool during the summer season. It is a very compact air conditioner measuring 16.5 by 11.5 by 26 inches hence does not occupy much space.

It comes with an adjustable fan that helps in speed cooling the air to up to 65 degrees Fahrenheit.  The sleep mode feature ensures it does not produce lots of noise whenever it is on.

The compact design of this best ac temperature for sleeping Celsius makes it lightweight and extremely portable. This air temperature is an excellent option for cabins, offices, living rooms, apartments, dorms and campers.

Installing it is pretty easy. All one has to do is while the air conditioner to any room. Have the included window adapter and hose attached and plug it to the outlet.

It comes with a remote control which makes it very easy to control the temperature while its LED display that is mounted with a 24 hour timer enables one to tell the timing and make necessary adjustments.  Cleaning it is very easy. All you have to do is slide it two times every month and rinse it through running water before placing it back.

The 3 in 1 functionality of this best ac temperature for sleeping helps in combining the 3 functions for all your ventilation and cooling needs with fan, cool and dehumidifying modes.

  • It is very easy to use and clean.
  • Suitable for small rooms.
  • Very strong and powerful.
  • Has 3 in 1 functionality.
  • Requires frequent maintenance to remain in good condition.
  • User manual is not well written hence not suitable for first time users.

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5. LG LW8017ERSM 8000 BTU Smart Window Air Conditioner (Best Ac Temperature for Sleeping In Summer)

Best Ac Temperature for Sleeping In Summer

Are you in need of an air conditioner that can quickly cool down and remove excess moisture from a room? This LG LW8017ERSM 8000 BTU Smart Window Air Conditioner is a perfect option.

This best AC temperature for sleeping in summer is smart enabled and can easily be controlled using an app from LG.

This best ac temperature for sleeping comes with different features such as the energy saver mode. This feature helps in turning the fans off whenever its compressor is off. The compressor and fans cycle on and off automatically to help in keeping the room cool. 

There is the sleep mode feature which raises thermostat temperature slowly during the night to help conserve energy preventing one from waking up due to chilly environment. The sleep mode feature also helps in preventing the compressor from overworking.

LG LW8017ERSM air conditioner comes with a dehumidify settings which one can always run to help them do away with the moisture without having to cool the room.

It is very silent in operation since it operates at 52db sound levels hence it does not create any disturbance. This best ac temperature for sleeping in Celsius is also capable of cooling rooms measuring 350 square feet making it an excellent option for the medium sized rooms.

It has three fan and cooling speeds together with an auto cool that ensures one can customize their experience fully.

  • Very silent in operation creating very little disturbance when on.
  • Comes with a saver energy mode that automatically turns off the fans.
  • Uses low power translating into lower power bills.
  • It is W-Fi enabled hence one can control it while on the go.
  • It’s cooling it a bit slow.
  • Quite costly.

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Things to Consider Before Buying Guide Best Ac Temperature for Sleeping In Summer

Now that you are familiar with some of the best performing AC temperature for sleeping in the summer, let’s take you through important factors you need to consider when shopping for the right choice.

Below are the important factors you should never forget about when buying the best AC temperature for sleeping in summer.


When in the market for a top AC temperature cooler, it is important that you know what size suits you best.  In case you are in the market for an AC temperature cooler for a single house or room, it is appropriate that you go for a standard AC temperature cooler with a capacity of 1 gallon.  However, if you are in need of an AC temperature cooler for an entire house, it is advisable that you go for a higher capacity AC temperature cooler.


Most people are known to overlook the power features when shopping for AC temperature. There are models that run on 110 V others 120V while the bigger units such as those that are mounted on the house roof will have to be hardwired.

It means you need to check power supply before you make purchase. Also check the type fo plug in an AC temperature comes with.


All AC temperature coolers in the market will need a pad of some type. There are models which accept any type of pad with other requiring a particular model and brand. Before you make any purchase of the AC temperature cooler, you need to be sure of the pad type it uses. Ensure the pad type it uses is easily accessible in the market in case you need a new one.


Definitely AC temperature coolers cost vary from one model and brand to another.  The AC temperature coolers are of varying sizes, have different features hence the variance in price. 

When in need of an AC temperature cooler, ensure that you settle for one within your budget allocation and are capable of serving your needs.

 Do not purchase an AC temperature because it costs less. Most of the cheapest AC temperature coolers in the market are made using low quality materials and lack important features. Not all the most expensive ac for sleeping in cars are the best. Consider where you will be using the air conditioner its features and let the price bet within your budget. Never break the bank to purchase and air conditioner.

Warranty Period

At one point, your ac for sleeping in car will malfunction and will require either replacement or repair. Would you imagine your costly AC temperature malfunctioning a few weeks after purchasing it? No one would want to incur the cost of repairs or even buying another one. Hence always go for AC temperature coolers with warranty periods. Prioritize AC temperature coolers with longer warranty periods.

Frequently Asked Question

In this section, we will be helping you understand the best ac temperature for sleeping in summer in celsius  better by looking at the questions mostly searched by people.

Here are the most frequently asked questions concerning AC temperature for sleeping in the summer.

When is the best time to use an AC temperature device?

The AC temperature devices are best for hot, dry and arid climates. They are suitable for use in places experienced average humidity of below 30%.  It is not advisable to use AC temperature coolers in areas experiencing high humidity.

How easy it is to maintain an AC temperature cooler?

The rate of maintaining an AC temperature is quite low. However, when using it for the entire house, you will have to do it on a regular basis. You have to change the pads, clean reservoirs and refill on a regular basis.

What is the benefit of using AC temperatures in summers?

AC temperature devices will be excellent option to use in dry, hot and arid regions. This device will humidify the hot air while blowing out the cold air.  There are AC temperature devices that come with ice tanks to ensure a fast and environmentally friendly cooling experience.

When should the cooling pads be replaced?

How often you replace the cooling pads will be determined by how often you use the AC temperature coolers, the media use and the model type.

Between air conditioners and Evaporative coolers which one works better?

Air conditioners and evaporative coolers performance will be determined by the climate of the surrounding area. The evaporative coolers are known to use water pump and high speed fan for cooling hence uses less power when compared to the air conditioners.  Hence, the air coolers are known to be more eco-friendly and cost efficient when it comes to cooling.

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Final Verdict

That’s it! You can now choose your best AC temperature for sleeping in summer from our best 5.  However, ensure you read through the buyer’s guide section to familiarize yourself with important factors you should consider. This will help you narrow down your options from the 5 best air conditioner temperature for sleeping.

Have any question, suggestion or clarification? Do not hesitate to leave a comment in the comment section below. Our reliable and experienced customer support team will get back to you soonest.


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