How Does a Water Dispenser Work Properly


A water dispenser is a very important appliance in any modern home. In the recent past, water dispensers have become more popular in offices and in certain homes across the globe. This is not surprising considering that ice and water dispensers are today capable of providing easy access to both ice cubes and water at the touch of a button. The water dispensers are useful in different situations since they are capable of providing clean and safe drinking water at your convenience.

Apart from providing cold water and ice cubes, water dispensers are also capable of providing hot water which can be of great help during rainy and cold days. What is surprising is how water dispensers produce both hot and cold water at the same time. This article, answers one common question most people ask over the internet, how does a water dispenser work?

Water Dispenser Parts and Function

Water Dispenser Parts and Function

Water dispenser comprises of different parts with different functions. Water dispenser has lots of similarities with the point of use dispenser as they are built the same way.

In this section, we will take you through some of the water dispenser parts and their functions.

  • A tank to help in storing the water to be cooled or heated prior to dispensing
  • Water heater to help in heating the water
  • Refrigeration system for cooling the water
  • A spigot or tap for releasing water
  • A knob or button for users to dispense water
  • A collar for holding the water bottle in a downward position allowing water to channel into the tanks
  • Electricity will be required is the dispenser has the heat or cool water option

Water Dispenser Hot Water Not Working

Water Dispenser Parts and Function

There are times when you may not be getting hot water from the dispenser. In such a situation, there are a number of things you will need to check.

  • First, you will have to check if the water dispenser is connected to a power source and if the power switch on button is on. If the water dispenser is plugged in, then you will need to check the outlet. Most bathrooms and kitchens today have outlets with overload switches built in.
  • Check and ensure the hot switch is switched to the on position
  • Confirm if the machine has not been overused. There are times when the machine might require time to reheat especially when it has been under heavy usage.
  • When the water dispenser always dispenses hot water throughout the day but not the first thing in the morning, high chances it may be in sleep mode. If you are unable to fix the problem, you can consider contacting a professional water dispenser repair to help fix the issue.

Avanti Water Dispenser Cold Water Not Working

There are a few issues which can lead to the primo countertop water dispenser not working. Here are some of the common reasons which might make the cold water not to work.

Power Problem

One common issue that makes most of the water dispensers not to work is the power problem.  There are times when the Avanti water dispenser might fail to work due to lack of electricity.

It is important that you check if the power socket is properly plugged in and the switch turned on. It is also important to make sure the Avanti water dispenser is using the right power or voltage.

Refrigerant or Compressor Leakage

Leakage in the compressor or the refrigerator is another reason why your Avanti water dispenser may not be cooling.  Refrigerant and compressor are essential components in a water dispenser as they help in moving water from one tank to another creating cold water. Leakage from any of these parts can be detected by leaking or dripping water from the unit.

Dirty Filters

Avanti water dispensers’ cold water process will halt whenever the filters are not replaced or changed for long periods. The filters help in removing dirt from the water. When the filters are dirty, they can prevent cooling of water as they will prevent water from flowing to the coils and tubes.

You can detect dirty filters when there is unusual taste in the water. There can be discoloration in the drinking water when filter is not changed for a long time.

Primo Water Dispenser Water Not Coming Out

Primo Water Dispenser Water Not Coming Out 1

There are times when water might stop coming out of your Primo water dispenser. In this section, we look at some of the reasons which can lead to water failing to come out of your Primo water dispenser.

Power Supply

Despite this not being a major issue as it will not prevent water from flowing, there are water dispensers that will stop water from flowing when power supply is not connected.  Check if the plug might have been removed by mistake of the switch is not turned on.  Failing to plug in the socket or turning on the switch will make the primo water dispenser not cold.

Airlock Issues

Airlock is one of the main reasons why water fails to come out in most water dispensers. You can resolve this by lifting the bottle of top of the cooler above the cooler before returning it back to position.  Thereafter, squeeze the bottle using a hug type grasp. This will

 How to Change Water Cooler Bottle without Spilling

How to Change Water Cooler Bottle without Spilling

In this section, we will take you through the steps that will enable you to change the water cooler bottle without spilling.

Step 1: Buy a bottle with a non-slip cap

This will help in reducing chances of water spilling during the entire procedure.

Step 2: Clean the area around the dispenser

This will help you detect any spillage with ease.

Step 3: Remove the seal from the bottle cap

Do this with great care to avoid any spillage.

Step 4: Place your hands on the handle and bottom part of the bottle

This will ensure you have a better control over the bottle.

Step 5: Flip the bottle upside down

Step 6: Carefully guide the water bottle to the dispenser

Ensure you keep firm grip on the bottle while lowering it into position

Step 7: Release the bottle after the dispenser punctures the cap

The water will start flowing into the dispenser without any spillages

Step 8: Check if there are any spillages or leakages

If there is any leakages fix it up and clean up whenever there is any spillage.

How to Set Up Water Dispenser

How to Set Up Water Dispenser

In this section, we will be taking you through the procedure of setting up a water dispenser.

Here are the steps you should always follow to ensure successful setting up of the water dispenser:

  • Start by placing the unit close to a grounded electrical outlet
  • Poor up to 1 gallon of tap water to the reservoir
  • Thereafter, hold all the spigots to help flush the system. Wait for some time for the water to drain out
  • Load a new 5-gallon water to the cooler jug
  • Drain up to 3 cups of water out of the red spigot to the prime hot tank
  • Plug in the water cooler
  • Turn the hot tank on using the switch situated at the cooler back
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It does not matter if you have an office or home water dispenser; we hope this article has been of great help to you and that you are now familiar with how a water dispenser works. With the above guideline, you can be sure of enjoying a cold or hot water from your water dispenser to make quench your thirst and make you feel healthier.


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