The Best Axe Sharpener Reviews & Buying Guide in 2023

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It is important that you maintain your axes and blades well. One way of maintaining them well is by sharpening using axe sharpeners.  Sharpening your axes will help increase their lifespan and make them effective whenever you want to use them. However, the wide variety of axe sharpener models and brands has made it quite difficult for buyers to choose the right tool.

In this review guide, we will be listing the best performing axe sharpeners to help narrow down your options. We have listed 8 best axe sharpening stone describing their features, pros and cons.            

Best 8 Product Reviews

We carried out extensive research on 40 axe sharpeners in the market, consulted 7 axe sharpener professionals and read previous customer reviews in a process that lasted weeks. This enabled us to get to the 8 best axe sharpeners in the market.

We considered the angle guides, materials used in making the axe sharpeners, brand, safety, cost and quality to help us narrow down out options to the best axe sharpening stone in the market.

Below are the 8 best axe sharpeners in the market.

1.Lansky Puck – Dual Grit Multi-Purpose Sharpener (Best Axe Sharpener)

Best Axe Sharpener

Are you in the market for a perfect axe sharpener for machetes, shovels, axe blades, spades, lawn mower blades and hatchets? Lansky Puck multipurpose sharpener is an excellent option for you.

This best axe sharpening file is of contoured shape and it is of a dual grit design offering a coarse side for fast sharpening and cutting.  Although it can take one some time to get used to it, you will appreciate how important the best axe sharpening angle is when sharpening your garden tools.

This axe sharpening kit is very durable and it does not require any flattening or water. It will last you for several months if maintained well.

This best axe sharpening file is an excellent tool for specific chores. It is not suitable to use it in sharpening hunting tools or knives. It is superficially meant for sharpening landscaper tools.

  • It is comfortable to hold and use
  • It is made using high quality materials making it very durable and long lasting
  • Quite affordable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Not suitable for use on kitchen knives or hunting tools
  • Will require some time for one to get used to it

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2.SHARPAL 105N Multipurpose Pocket Garden Tool Blade Sharpener (Best Axe Sharpener)

Best Axe Sharpener

SHARPAL 105N multipurpose sharpener will help in restoring and honing all types of knives, scissors, garden tools, etc.

Using this best sharpening stone for axe is quite easy and fast. It does not matter if you are a first time user or an experienced user, you can comfortably use it in axe sharpening puck, poultry shears, scissors and pocket knives. It compact design makes it very portable hence easy to carry around.

It is an excellent option for those who are on tight budget thanks to its affordable price. Despite its low price, it is a very reliable sharpener and is well known for its great performance.

Its handle is made of a soft rubber grip that makes it very comfortable to handle. This best sharpening stone for axe ensures one can use it for longer hours without getting fatigued.

  • Made of high quality materials making it durable
  • Capable of restoring and honing mower blades with lots of ease
  • It is compact and lightweight hence very portable
  • Can be used in a wide range of bladed products
  • Requires proper maintenance to last long
  • Quite costly when compared to other sharpener

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3.Smith’s 50582 Axe & Machete Axe and Machete Sharpener (Best Axe Sharpener)

Best Axe Sharpener

Smith is a popular brand in the sharpening industry. One of its best performing products is Smith’s 50582 Axe sharpeners.

Smith’s 50582 axe sharpener is an excellent sharpening tool that will help keep your axe, machete or hatchet in great cutting condition. It is a very simple to use best axe sharpening system thanks to its preset carbide blades that ensure smooth and sharp edges on both sides on the blades within a few minutes.

It comes with a soft grip handle and an oversize finger guard that helps in ensuring the user is safe and secure whenever he or she is using this tool. This best axe sharpening system is made of high quality materials which makes it durable and long lasting.

  • Comes with a large safety guard guaranteeing safety to the user
  • Made of high quality materials making it durable
  • Very easy to use
  • Comes with replaceable carbide blades
  • Can easily break down if not well maintained
  • Quite expensive compared to other axe sharpeners

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4.Knife Sharpening Stone – Dual Sided 400/1000 Grit Water Stone –Sharpener (Best Axe Sharpener)

Best Axe Sharpener

Are you in need of a sharpening tool that will enable you sharpening your blades, knives, razors and gardening tool? Think of non-other than the Knife Sharpening Stone.  This best axe sharpening puck will help sharpen all your dull tools restoring them back to their past glory.

This best axe sharpening puck helps in removing chips from the edges of the knives, sharpening dull blades and polishing your tools. With this you can be sure of chopping, slicing and cutting perfectly getting great results.

 There is no need of purchasing costly honing oils to help you in sharpening your blunt tools. This Knife Sharpening Stone works well by just soaking it in water for 5 to 10 minutes.

It is made using durable green silicon carbide and comes with 400 to 1000 grits to fulfill all your sharpening needs. Its dark side has up to 400 grits that helps in restoring old, dull blades.

You can use this sharpening tool as a one stop shop for all your items you want sharpened and polished.

  • It is a multiuse tool
  • It is a dual sided Whetstone
  • Water is enough hence no oil is required
  • Can sharpen a wide variety of blades
  • Requires frequent maintenance to be in perfect condition
  • Possibility of getting rust when not used for a while

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5.Smith’s CCKS 2-Step Knife Sharpener (Best Axe Sharpener)

Best Axe Sharpener

Are you on a tight budget and in need of an axe sharpener that will quickly and easily let you sharpen your blades? Smith’s CCKS 2-Step Knife Sharpener fits the bill.  Never be fooled with its low price to think it is of low quality since that far from the truth.

This axe sharpener comes with two tungsten carbide blades which you can always use to sharpen dull blades.  It comes with ceramic rods that allow one to get the perfect sharp edge to help in finishing off. 

This sharpener presents best axe sharpening angle guaranteeing flawless sharpening. It is an excellent sharpener for beginners. To ensure the user is safe, this sharpener comes with a rubber feet to help keep it in place and prevent it from slipping as you get your work done.

  • It is lightweight hence easy to carry it around
  • Comes with ceramic rods
  • It is budget friendly
  • Comes with a rubber feet guaranteeing user safety
  • Its coarse side can be too harsh for knives
  • Requires frequent maintenance

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6.SHARPAL 196N Angle Pyramid Whetstone Knife Blade Sharpener (Best Axe Sharpener)

Best Axe Sharpener

SHARPAL 196N sharpener will enable you to sharpen knives at extremely difficult angles.  Its orange posture guide comes with a magnetic base. The magnetic base helps in sharpening stones especially in ferrous metal constructions. Its back comes equipped with non-slip rubber base.  Its non-slip rubber helps in the normal ceramic and normal whetstones.

This sharpener is very compact in design. This makes it very easy to carry around. Its wedge occupies a very small grinding area meaning that an extra grinding area can always be used.

It is made using high quality materials which makes it durable and long lasting.  This gives value for its buying price.

  • It comes with four in built angles
  • Quite affordable when compared to other sharpeners
  • Very compact in design making it easy to carry around
  • Made using high quality materials making it highly durable
  • Some of its angles are not accurate
  • Difficult for beginners to start using it

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7.Fiskars XSharp Axe and Knife Sharpener (Best Axe Sharpener)

Best Axe Sharpener

Fiskars XSharp Axe sharpener is an excellent addition to any garden toolkit. This axe sharpener is well known for its high portability levels and ambidextrous appeal.

Using this fiskars axe is very easy. It comes with a very tough ceramic grind stone cutting groove that helps in ensuring optimal cutting edge and a lifelong performance.

Its non-slip pads offer a very stable axe sharpening base. It is very easy to set up and dissemble making it very easy to store and maintain.  This axe sharpener can comfortably be used by both left handed and right handed individuals.

It is a very easy to adjust axe sharpener for great sharpening angle for blades. Using this tool is very easy since one just have to slide the blade back and forth.  It is made of sturdy and strong materials while its outer body is very stable thanks to its non-slip base.

  • It is lightweight in design making it portable
  • Suitable for both left handed and right handed people
  • It is very easy to set up and disassemble
  • Using this tool is very easy
  • Not suitable for large axes
  • Quite costly when compared to other sharpeners

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8. AHNR Whetstone Knife Sharpener (Best Axe Sharpener)

Best Axe Sharpener

In case you are in need of a versatile axe sharpener that you can comfortably use to sharpen different types of blades of varying sizes and shapes, then this AHNR Whetstone Knife Sharpener fits the bill.

This axe sharpener is two sided hence its users can choose between the 1000 grit coarseness that is suitable for general sharpening and 6000 grit for polished finish.  It is a very flexible and simple sharpener hence easy to use making it an excellent option for beginners.

 This product is build using high quality materials making it durable hence long lasting. Despite its high initial cost, this axe sharpener is quite expensive on long term basis. It is very comfortable to use hence can comfortably be used for longer hours. 

  • Made using high quality materials making it very durable
  • Suitable to use on blades of different sizes and shapes
  • It is two sided with one side meant for general sharpening and the other for polished finish
  • Suitable axe sharpener for both beginners and experienced sharpeners
  • Quite heavy hence difficult to comfortably carry around
  • Quite costly when compared to other axe sharpeners

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Things to consider before buying Guide best axe sharpener

To help you in choosing your preferable best axe sharpener from the wide variety of brands and models in the market, we have listed important factors you need to put in mind when in the market for an axe sharpener.


It is important you check on the sharpening angle since all sharpeners have a pre-defined sharpening angle. Not any sharpening angle will fit with any random angle guide.  Before you make any purchase, it is important that you know your knives, axle, etc. angle.


Axle sharpeners are made using different types of materials.  No one will want to buy an axe sharpener made from weak and fragile material.  Before you make any purchase, ensure that you check the quality of material used in making the axe sharpener.

Only go for durable materials that will last for longer periods. Although most of the axe sharpeners made from durable and high quality materials might be expensive, they can be cost effective on long term basis.


With few exceptions, the angle guides are known to be generally compact. However, you have to pay attention to the axe sharpener size when shopping for one. There are axe sharpeners that are quite long and heavy hence difficult to carry around. There are light which is lightweight making them easy to carry around.


No one will want to put their life or that of others at risk. It is therefore important to pay attention to the axe sharpener size when in the market for one.  When in the market for an axe sharpener, ensure that you go for one that has no frequent breakage issues or slippage problems. 


The most popular and well performing axe sharpener brands are always expensive. That is why most of them are known to perform well and last longer.  Instead of going for lesser known brands which have no history of good performance and durability, consider spending more on initial purchase.  Despite being expensive on initial purchase, on long term basis, axe sharpeners from popular brands will be cost effective.


Quality is one feature you can never look down upon. Any axe sharpener you are about to purchase should be made of high quality materials and accessories.  High quality axe sharpeners are long lasting and will perform well on long term basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we will be looking at most frequently asked questions about axe sharpeners.

How does one determine the angle of sharpening axe?

Using a goniometer will help you determine the sharpening angle.  Goniometer refers to a system that shines to the side using a laser beam and thereafter projects in distribution degree. 

How does one choose the right angle guide?

Choosing the right angle is the easiest step that will help sharpen your axe after you have understood the sharpening basics.  20 degree bevel angle is a perfect starting point. When properly sharpened, the 20 degrees angle will work well on most knives.

Is it possible for one to use angle guide in straight razors?

Yes, it is very much possible. In fact it will help you to get off to a perfect start.  However, you will require a leather strap to help in polishing the blade.

What is kitchen knives angle range?

The kitchen knives angle range will vary from one continent to another. For example, the American kitchen knives have 20 degrees per side while the Asian knives have a range of 14-17 degrees per side.

How safe is an axe sharpener?

Axe sharpeners are known to be very safe if the user take all the precautionary measures. These sharpeners are made of high quality materials that will never break or slip when being used.  This ensures its users have peace of mind when operating the axe sharpeners.

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Final Verdict

There you have it! We hope this best axe sharpener review guide has been of great help to you.  For sure you are now capable of choosing axe sharpening near me without wasting lots of your time going through the wide variety of models and brands currently available in the market. However, before you make any purchase, ensure that you read through the buyer’s guide section to familiarize yourself with important factors you have to consider to help you land on the right axe sharpener.

If you have any suggestion or question, leave your comment on the comment section and we will get back to you within the shortest time possible. Happy sharpening!


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