The Best circular saw blade for plywood Reviews & Buying Guide

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Saw blades are one of the great tools for construction workers. Workers, who cut plywood, need to purchase a circular saw blade. But, selecting the best circular saw blade for plywood becomes more challenging sometimes.

The quality of circular saw blades depends on the work pattern and which blade is appropriate for your job. You can get the different expensive circular saw blades, but basic quality depends on the overall performance of the blades.

To get the best performing circular saw blade, you must buy a good quality circular blade to do your specific work best. We will give you a general guide for choosing the best saw blade for

your job. Have a look!

7 product reviews-Reasons behind selecting these products

A lot of saw blades are available in the market. But, the best 7 ¼ circular saw blade is most common to all. Generally, you will get two types of saw blades. Blades are with more teeth and blades with fewer teeth. Different designed saw blades are made for various works. The blades with more teeth perform for smooth cutting; on the contrary, blades with small teeth work to remove multiple materials fast.

Basically, the design pattern and shape of saw blades are fully responsible for the work performance of any project. Mainly, these are all cutting devices, and you must select them based on their individual performance level.

The performance level of saw blades mainly depends on their different factors like the number of teeth, speed level, blade size and shape, higher blade angles, etc. So, we have selected the top-rated saw blades with the most useful features that will benefit smooth work. Choosing the best 7 ¼ circular saw blade can be ideal thinking.

7 product reviews-Let’s know the features, pros, and cons

1: DEWAL DWA 171460 7-1/4-Inch 60-Tooth Circular Saw Blade

best circular saw blade for plywood

Our 1st product review is on dewal dwa circular saw blade. This blade is designed with a tough coat anti-stick coating. It is also customized for cordless and corded circular saws. This is the best circular saw blade for cutting plywood.

This great saw blade has high-density tungsten carbide teeth that are water resistant enough and durable to provide long-term service. These blades are perfect for crosscutting, framing, and quality finishing.

The workers will feel comfortable working on these blades’ patented body, which can minimize the vibration during working time. Besides this, cutting quality is a great factor for all works. These blades will provide you smooth cutting service.

Tough coat anti-stick coating is a great feature of these blades that will reduce friction and gumming at the workplace. So, if you want to get a circular blade for doing your work perfectly, you can choose this one.

You will get circular saw blades for metal attached with a reinforced shoulder, an amazing feature of this effective circular blade of all types. So, don’t miss it.


  • Product weight:- .60 lbs
  • Material:- Blend
  • Perfect for:- Wood
  • Available color:- Multi
  • Smooth cutting blade.
  • Best quality product ever.
  • Perfect for laminate flooring.
  • One of the best saw blades.
  • Effective with a reasonable price.
  • The best circular saw blade for cutting plywood.
  • Size cannot be perfect always.

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2: PORTAL-CABLE 4-1/2-Inch Circular Saw Blade

best circular saw blade for plywood

Portable cable is our 2nd circular saw blade suitable for effective work. It is designed with around 120-tooth steel blades. You will be capable of cutting plywood with circular saw, which is best for different materials like plastic. These saws are customized with 4-1/2 inch blades.

These circular blades are perfect for making different designs and multiple art applications. This saw blade will provide the users with a top performance level. These teeth are super sharpest and most effective cutting teeth that will give extra-ordinary cutting facility to the workers.

These blades are super active for cutting materials and providing sand-free finishing to all. It is the best choice for people who want to get a circular saw blade with stable features. These are the best circular saw blade for hardwood. 

Get the portable cable circular saw blade with extended 120 teeth for plywood cutting perfectly. Pick this one as per your requirements.


  • Weight:- 2.72 ounces
  • Perfect for the materials:- wood and plastic
  • Used material:- Blade
  • Product style:- 120 tooth blade
  • Color:- Original version
  • Most effective saw blade
  • Smooth cutting facility
  • Well-controlled blade
  • Thin product to use comfortably
  • The best circular saw blade for hardwood
  • Perfect for applying for cutting
  • The teeth of these blades are not durable enough

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3: DEWALT Circular saw/table saw blade

best circular saw blade for plywood

The dewalt circular is table saw blades and designed with tungsten carbide teeth that are tough and high-density. These wear-resistant blades are durable enough that provides long-term services. You can pick this as the best table saw blade for plywood.

These circular saw blades are more suitable for crosscutting job and ripping applications also. Patented body slots are attached to these saw blades to help the workers reduce the vibration during their working time. This feature provides a unique feeling to them.

The dewalt circular saw blade is also designed with a reinforced shoulder that provides durability and enough strength. These are also used for both corded and cordless circular saws. It can be the best circular saw blades for you.

You will get it to wear resistance, toughness, and high-density tungsten carbide. The tough coat anti-stick coating of these blades can reduce gumming and friction also.

Users who want to work smoothly can choose this as table saw blade type because of its thin kerf design. So, pick up these circular saw blades with excellent and effective features.


  • Product weight:- 15 ounces
  • Material:- Blend
  • Product style:- New
  • Available color:- Multi
  • Highly-recommended blade
  • The best basic blade
  • Use this like a knife
  • The best table saw blade for plywood
  • These have clean cutting capacity for doing best
  • Soundless service
  • One of the best circular saw blades
  • Comparatively expensive blade

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4: Diablo by Freud D1090X Circular Saw Blade, Multi

best circular saw blade for plywood

Diablo by freud D1090X circular saw blade is our 4th review product, and it is the best tool for cutting plywood. It is designed with 40 circular teeth. These portable saw blades are generally suitable for amazing crosscuts and rips.  

These blades have excellent cutting speed with long-lasting service capacity. These saw blades are specially designed for the advanced performance of nonstick coating shields. This is the best tool for cutting plywood.

These blades are corrosion resistant and anti-stick rim. You will pick these blades as super-thin laser cut kerf through which workers can get the most durable tool for working so fast.

Tico Hi-density carbide is the specialty of these saw blades. The tri-metal shock-resistant brazing is one of the special features that will help you to maximize the durability of the saw blades, which are steel-bodied.  

These saw blades have an extreme impact on cutting jobs that will provide four times longer than available standard carbide. The laser-cut stabilizer vents are perfect for creating less vibration during work.


  • Net weight:- 5.8 ounces
  • Material:- Wood
  • Source of power:- Corded electric
  • Available color:- Multi
  • Updated design with quality material
  • These blades are super effective
  • Suitable for cordless saws
  • You can use this blade as a hot knife
  • The best tool for cutting plywood
  • No important issue

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5: DEWALT 6-1/2-Inch Circular Saw Blade

best circular saw blade for plywood

Our 5th product review is dewalt circular saw blade. These blades are structured with an anti-stick coating. It will minimize gum-up and friction which generally helps for smooth cutting.

These circular saw blades are combined with tougher tungsten carbide that keeps these blades sharper, stronger, and more effective. This feature will make these saw blades longer enough. Take this as the best blade for cutting plywood.

Dewalt circular saw blades are also customized with ribbed heat vents that help these blades to cool to run. These will reduce binding and make it more flexible. You will get all blades with 5/8-inch arbor, and these blades are featured with a diamond knock-out.

The dewalt saw blades are small-sized, and these are built with a variety of quality materials. Thin kerf is the most special feature of these saw blades, making them more smooth and fast for doing their best.


  • Net weight:- 8 ounces
  • Material:- Blend
  • Source of power:- Corded electric
  • Available color:- Yellow
  • Very effective for plastic cutting
  • Long-lasting with the quality product
  • Amazing circular saw blade
  • Great saw blade for getting excellent performance
  • The nice and clean cutting process
  • The best blade for cutting plywood
  • Good saw blade with affordable price
  • Not effective for siding

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6: Freud D1090X Circular Saw Blade, Multi

best circular saw blade for plywood

Let’s start our 6th product description called freud d1090x circular saw blade. It is a multi-feature blade with much effectiveness. This saw blade is customized with perm-shield nonstick coating and super-thin laser cut kerf. Besides these, these blades are featured with tri-metal shock-resistant brazing, laser-cut stabilizer vents, etc.

You will purchase a circular saw blade for plywood with ninety teeth, an ultra-fine featured tool. It will provide you with high-performance working facilities for doing extra work.

The super-thin laser cut kerf and TiCo Hi-Density carbide provide the users with a complete effortless performance with this saw blade. These blades help to reduce vibration and volume during work.

People can consider these blades for miter and table saws. Surprisingly, you can work without wasting material, and the shear-face grind design provides an extra cutting facility. So, I miss these great saw blades.


  • Net weight:- 1.55 pounds
  • Material:- Carbide
  • Source of power:- Corded electric
  • Available color:- Multi
  • Nice quality blade
  • These amazing blades are perfect for smooth cutting
  • It is just worth the money
  • Great saw blade for excellent work
  • It can produce very fine sawdust
  • Fantastic cutting quality
  • Comparatively expensive saw blade

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7: DEWALT DWA1612CMB 6-1/2-inch 18/24-Tooth Circular Saw Blade

best circular saw blade for plywood

Our 7th and final product discussion is on dewalt dwa1612cmb tooth circular saw blade. These circular saw blades for wood cutting are of exclusive quality, designed with patent-pending tough track teeth. These high-quality ripping and framing blades are constructed to deliver correct and straight cutting quality for the long term.

Users will get these saw blades for different projects. These are ideal for multiple crosscutting applications and creating frame forms. These blades’ high-density tungsten carbide teeth are water-resistant, tough, and will work for longer.

Because of the patented body slots, you will get many durable products that are strong enough and feel cool during work. These slots will diminish vibration.

Smooth cutting will be available through a thin kerf design, and these saw blades will reduce gumming and friction through the tough coat anti-stick coating feature. Choose these saw blades for extra performance. The long-lasting saw blades are just acceptable to all cutting workers.


  • Product weight:- 11.5 ounces
  • Material:- Blend
  • Product style:- New
  • Available color:- Multi
  • Good saw blade with great price
  • Excellent quality blade for the battery-powered saw
  • Flawless and clean cutting
  • An awesome collection with great value
  • Quality is comparatively low

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Things to consider before buying a guide on circular saw blades for plywood

A good quality circular saw blade is essential to work perfectly. The best 7 ¼ circular saw blade for plywood is very popular with workers. An enormous selection of saw blades is normal.

But, picking up the correct and effective saw blade can be confusing sometimes. The selection process will not be more difficult for you if you can gain all the useful features of these saw blades. Now time to know the important and essential factors that we have to consider before buying a circular saw blade-

1.Length & width

Firstly, the most important factor of the blade’s length and width should be considered. It is highly recommended that the saw blade with more length and width is stronger and more effective in its performance. You can select the best 7 ¼ circular saw blade for plywood. But, height and wide mainly depends on the work pattern. So, if you feel confused about selecting one, consult with a mechanic and choose the best one.

2.Blade types

Your basic choice should be the type of circular saw blade. Some saw blades are based on size, shape, and work performance. You will need to choose the blade based on what type of work you will start to start.

3.Style of blade

Now, time to choose the circular saw blade based on its style. You will get a different circular saw blades like a sidewinder, worm drive, small sidewinder, trim saw, cordless, etc.

These different styled saw blades are designed for other kinds of work like making lighter, large, and heavier saws, etc. So think about your work level and choose the correct styled saw blade for the best work performance.

4.Good quality

The quality benefits of a circular saw blade have no ends. The saw blade with better quality can provide you with a Relatable work time. You make your job more effective with a good quality circular blade. A good quality blade will allow its disk to expand for cutting the best that will be low risk for health and workstation. So, always consider the quality of a circular blade for doing the best job.

5.Safety level

Safety should be given first priority. The diameter of circular saw blades needs to be considered. The diameter can be too large of a blade, which is risky. Circular blades are designed with thin and thick features appropriate for different types of work.

You must select a blade based on your work. Consider the safety level of your circular saw blade because it can be more dangerous than others. Prepare the safety accessories first before purchasing the circular saw blade. After ensuring all safety preparation, you should buy the circular blade based on your requirements.

6.Easy setup

Circular saw blades are normally dangerous tools. Confirm the correct setup process before purchasing one. If needed, contact a mechanic to set up your saw blade properly. Without a proper setting, you can fall in danger.

After considering all these essential factors, you should select the quality and best circular saw blade for your job. Hopefully, you will do your best.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What type of blade is best for circular saw?

Different blades have different works. The blades with around sixty to eighty teeth are perfect for crosscuts jobs. These blades create a smooth edge. On the other hand, the blades with forty teeth are designed for rip-cut works. So, be sure about the blade you need based on your work.

Which saw blade makes the smoothest cut?

Generally, crosscut blades can remove less material. It also results in a smoother cut. The crosscut blades are preferable to move for large wood. People also choose these blades for finishing carpentry and smooth finishing.

Is more teeth on a circular saw blade better?

Fewer teeth are used for faster cutting, and you will get it at a lower price. But, the blades with more teeth will also give a finer cut and a smoother cut. Normally, around twenty-four teeth of blades are sufficient for all constructional work.

What is a 60 tooth saw blade used for?

The constructional blades with sixty to eighty teeth are used for melamine and plywood. Again, the thin teeth are known as tearing out. From ninety to one hundred and twenty teeth are fixed for MDF, and people will get the cleanest cut from these.

What are the 3 basic types of circular saw blades?

You must know about the three basic types of circular saw blades to see the work performed. The three basic saw blades are crosscut, rip blades, and combination and specialty blades. All of these will provide clean and smooth cutting service.

Final verdict

Selecting the best circular saw blade for plywood is a task for workers related to this work. We have already learned about the work types of circular saw blades. All saw blades are not suitable for all kinds of cutting jobs.

Always remember that circular saw blades are more challenging and risky. The blades with small teeth or with a large number of teeth are not easy to handle. So, consider the safety of using these blades and select the blade based on your work requirements.  



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