TOP 5 Best Drywall Sander Reviews in 2024 [Buying Guide]

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It does not matter if it’s patching up a hole in the wall or repainting, drywall sanders will help successfully complete the task with minimal effort and clean-up. The Best Drywall Sander is specifically designed to help in providing a smooth, clean, and even finish. They are available in a wide variety of models and brands and in different options from small handheld to heavy-duty devices.

The process of choosing the best sander for drywall in the market can be quite challenging. To help simplify the shopping process, we did a review of the 5 best drywall sanders in the market.  For every product, we reviewed its features, pros, and cons. This helps potential buyers to have adequate knowledge about a particular drywall sander before making a purchase. We also listed important factors one needs to consider when buying the best sander for drywall in the buyer’s guide section together with frequently asked questions in the FAQ section.

Best 5 Product Reviews

We have handled a wide range of drywall sanding projects from sanding and mudding ceilings and rooms to small hole patching from wall anchors. It is this experience that has helped us in coming up with the 5 best drywall sander review guides. We also carried out extensive online research and seek the opinion of experts together with reading customer reviews on Amazon pages and different forums that gave us the insight to assemble these 5 best drywall sander lists.

We considered several factors to help us come up with our best drywall sander in the market. The power settings, variable speed, balance and weight, ergonomic handle and ease of use are some of the important factors that enable us to arrive at our final 5 drywall sanders in the market.

5 Product Reviews

1. WEN 6369 Variable Speed 5 Amp Drywall Sander (Best Drywall Sander)

Best Drywall Sander

WEN 6369 drywall sander is known to be a very economical yet efficient product in the market making it an excellent drywall sander option for both amateurs and professionals.

This best drywall sander comes with a 5 amp power motor that helps in delivering enough power to help sander away the coarsest and bumpiest walls.  This best drywall sander with vacuum comes with an easy to reach dial which allows one to switch the speeds fast with slow speeds giving one a better control with the high speeds helping in finishing the jobs fast.

Compared to Festool drywall sander, WEN 6369 drywall sander has an 8.5 inch head pivots and swells in every direction helping in keeping the sanding base parallel to any surface you might want to use it against. This will help in ensuring that you do not have to adjust your position whenever you move from one point to another.

This best drywall sander with vacuum comes with a height adjustable handle that measures a maximum of 1.65 meters. The handle can fold to about third of the way from its base which helps in ensuring its storage together with maneuvering is a breeze.

The dust hose can extend up to 15 inches long ensuring convenience when using it. The opening of the dust hose is capable of fitting into most vacuum hoses mouths.

  • It is of affordable price despite its great features.
  • Comes with a foldable handle making it easy to store and carry.
  • Has a 5 amp motor making it very powerful.
  • The speed change is simple and fast.
  • The build quality of this drywall sander is not that great.
  • Quite heavy due to the position of the motor.

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2. WEN DW5084 5-Amp 2-in-1 Variable Speed Dual-Head Drywall Sander (Best Drywall Sander)

Best Drywall Sander

This WEN DW5084 drywall sander is among the highly ranked drywall sanders in the market. It comes with a pivoting head that can swivel in all directions. This best drywall hand sander also adjusts automatically to the flush against every surface crossing its path.

You can swap this electric drywall sander on either the triangular head or the circular head depending on the pending task. However, both its heads can easily be detached and installed without the support for outside tools.

This best drywall hand sander comes with a package of 6 pieces of loop and hooks sandpaper discs and 6 pieces of loop and hook triangular sandpaper.  It’s included flexible dust vacuum hose stretches up to 15 feet ensuring reliable dust removal whenever it is being operated.

Just like Dewalt drywall sander this WEN DW5084 drywall sander comes backed with a two year warranty period and you can be sure of a friendly customer helpline and a well-stocked inventory of replacement parts.

  • Comes with a variable speed that can adjust anywhere from 600 RPM to 1500 RPM.
  • Features both the circular hook and loop and the triangular hook and loop.
  • Uses a 5 amp head mounted motor that offers maximum torque.
  • Uses an improved hole configuration that maximizes collection of dust.
  • Requires frequent maintenance to be in a good working condition.
  • It is quite expensive when compared to other drywall sanders in the market.

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3. Hyde Tools 09175 Drywall Vacuum Sanders (Best Drywall Sander)

Best Drywall Sander

Are you in the market for a reliable and efficient drywall sander that is capable of attaching to a dry/wet vacuum for sanding without the need of emitting dust? Then think of non-other than the Hyde Tools 09175 Drywall Vacuum Sander.

This drywall hand sander helps in floors, furniture, lungs and electronics protection from invasive dust.  This best dustless sanding system is excellent at keeping the home clean as it effectively conducts drywall and other sanding projects to perfection.  It is a high quality tool that is made from sturdy and durable materials. HEPA filter is recommended but never included.

This drywall sander with vacuum comes with an easyclamp system that allows easy and fast sanding screen replacement.  Its coupling adapters can fit in all the dry and wet hose sizes.  This best dustless sanding system comes with a aluminum vacuum pole measuring 1 ¼ inch and extends from 32 inches to 50 inches, a 6 house coupling adapters measuring 6 inches and a single sheet of reversible drywall.

  • Uses an easy clamp system ensuring fast sanding screen replacement.
  • It comes with an in built vacuum control valve.
  • Uses a reversible and washable sanding screen that is more long lasting than the sandpaper.
  • Can be used on commercial vacuum types.
  • Requires frequent maintenance to keep it in good working condition.
  • The user manual is not that clear.

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4. Mophorn Drywall Sander 850W, Electric Drywall Sander (Best Drywall Sander)

Best Drywall Sander

Mophorn Drywall Sander is an excellent option for professional, households and beginners. It is made of a sturdy and robust metal body and offers efficient performance thanks to its adjustable variable speed and large powerful motor.

Operating this dustless drywall sander is easy thanks to the handles ergonomic design and special telescope frame.  You can be sure of a high level performance when it comes to smoothing the uneven bumps or rough texture of your wall.

Made using metal and plastic body, this best drywall sander is durable and long lasting. It is very easy to operate and comes with 6 level variable speeds. This drywall vacuum sander comes with a pure copper motor that offers 850W power.

It features a unique brush pad that helps with dust absorption and offer protection to the well. It comes with a detachable brush segment that sand up to edge.  One can easily fold this drywall sander vacuum making it easy to store and transport. The handle is extendable ranging from 1.4m to 1.8m. This allows for different handle heights.

This best drywall pole sander comes well equipped with an LED strip light that offers 360 degree lighting in dark places.  You can use this sander for polishing and grinding exterior and interior walls, ceilings, loose plaster and adhesives.

  • Easy to use making it perfect for beginners.
  • Comes with an ergonomic handle making it comfortable to hold for longer hours.
  • Has a unique brush pad that helps in efficient dust absorption.
  • The handles are adjustable making it perfect for use on different heights.
  • It is quite costly hence not suitable for people on tight budget.
  • Difficult to get its spare parts in case it breaks down.

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5. VEVOR Electric Drywall Sander 850W with LED Strip Light (Best Drywall Sander)

Best Drywall Sander

The VEVOR Electric Drywall Sander is an excellent option for households, beginners and professionals. It is made from a sturdy and robust metal body.

Most people prefer this VEVOR Electric Drywall Sander as it offers efficient performance thanks to its high wattage power motor and variable speed.  Beginners prefer this drywall sander since it is very easy to operate and comes with a special telescope frame and well-designed handles ensuring comfort when using.  With this sander, you can be sure of comfortably smoothing your wall from uneven bumps and rough texture.

VEVOR Electric Drywall Sander is made using metal and plastic body making it durable and long lasting. It comes with 6 level variable speeds and easily accessible switches that make it very easy to operate.

This best dustless drywall sander features a unique brush pad that helps in dust absorption and offer protection to the wall. Its brush segment is detachable that helps to automatically correcting horizontal deviation.

This best dustless drywall sander is an excellent tool for polishing and grinding the ceilings, exterior and interior walls, adhesives and loose plaster

  • Comes with LED strip light that makes it possible to be used at night or in darker places.
  • Has a high wattage power motor and variable speed guaranteeing high performance.
  • Made using a metallic body making it durable and long lasting.
  • Comes with a unique brush pad that ensures efficient dust absorption.
  • Difficult to get its spare parts in case of a breakdown.
  • Quite costly when compared to other drywall sanders.

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Things to Consider Before Buying Guide Drywall Sander

Chances of being disappointed with the drywall sander model you purchase when not aware of the things to look out for are quite high. To be sure of buying the sander from your preferable drywall sander home depot in the market, you will have to consider the factors we have listed for you.

Power Settings

Drywall sanders will always require a motor that is capable of supporting optimal sanding for either home or professional use. In case you will be doing light sanding, then investing in a 500 W model will be a better option. However, if you are in need of professional grade sander, you will have to invest in a Best Drywall Sander with more wattage.  The type of motor it uses needs to be in a position of supporting the varied speeds without overheating.

Varied Speeds

Working with model having varied speeds is quite easy. This is because you will be in a position of tackling tougher areas with lots of ease and you will always get at a slower pace on the weaker areas.

For instance, a single speed drywall sander will always restrict you to the surface type you can work on. It is advisable that you always go for Best Drywall Sander that can easily switch from one speed to another. Going for drywall sanders with speed lock will ensure that you do not get tired pressing in a single direction.

Balance and Weight

Since the drywall sanders can be used on floors, high walls and ceilings, it is very important that you always check on the balance and weight of a drywall sander before you make any purchase. Ensure the machine weight is not too much to handle especially when you will be working on higher surfaces. Always go for powerful machines that are lightweight.

Ergonomic Handle

When in the market for a drywall sander, ensure you go for one with an ergonomic handle as it will ensure you are comfortable whenever you are working. Most people are known to prefer the well-designed T-handles since they help in balancing the machine weight ensuring one has a good grip.

Go for a drywall sander model that has a firm, comfortable and grip handle to ensure you can work for longer hours without getting tired. 

Ease of Use

Look for features that will make it easier for use to operate the drywall sander whenever you are using it. You can look at features such as the LED light that will ensure you can work on darker places or at night.  Opt for drywall sanders with carry bags since they will be convenient to carry around and store.


The drywall sanders are available in varying prices. When in the market for the best drywall sander, ensure you settle for what is within your budget. However, not all the expensive drywall sanders are the best. Likewise, the cheapest drywall sanders are not the best since they might be lacking lots of great features. Ensure you go for a drywall sander that is within your budget and has the necessary feature to enable you accomplished your task.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions concerning drywall sanders in the market.

What is the best drywall hand sander to purchase?

There is always an option of purchasing the manual hand sander if you like. However, going for the orbital sander will help in making your life more comfortable. Electrical sanders offer more efficiency and convenience when working. You will complete your tasks faster when using the electric sanders.

Is the drywall sander worth investing in?

If you will be performing lots of drywall, then it is advisable that you purchase a drywall sander.  In fact if you are a DIY person, a drywall sander will help save lots of your time and hassle. The versatility of a drywall sander will help in every manner.

Is it possible for one to use a palm sander in sand drywall?

Yes, it is possible for one o use palm sander in drywall sander. However, when using the palm sander, one has to be very careful never to stand in a single spot for long periods to avoid destroying the wall.  Always use the sander to sand the entire region gently without lots of repetition. 

Does one have to remove the drywall dust before priming?

It is important that one always remove the drywall dust before priming. To ensure you have a long lasting wall, you will have to remove it. It does generate making longer machine sustainability together with the wall.

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Final Verdict

There you have it! We hope this best drywall sander review guide has been of great help to you.  The 5 best drywall sander reviewed above will help save your time as you will have to go through the 5 products instead of the wide variety of products in the market. However, before you settle on any drywall sander, ensure you read through the buyer’s guide section. This section will enlighten you on the important factors to consider when shopping the best drywall sander in the market.

In case of any question, clarification or suggestion, feel free to comment on the comment section below and one of our staff will get back to you within the shortest time possible.


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