The Best Saw Horses Reviews & Buying Guide in 2024


Saw horse is an important tool in any work space. They help in creating a great productivity ambiance.  Emergence of different brands and models of saw horses in the 21st century has made it difficult for buyers to shop for the right tool. It does not matter if a saw horse is steel made or wooden made, the best saw horses should be easy to use and maintain.

What are the best saw horses? This is one question that runs through most peoples mind. To help one choose the best saw horse in the market, we have reviewed the best rated sawhorses and have a buyers section to help potential buyers understand what to look for when shopping for the right product. There is also the FAQ’s section that answers some of the most frequently asked questions concerning saw horses in the market.

We hope this review guide will be a perfect guide for you!

Best 6 Product Reviews

Our editors spent weeks analyzing different saw horses in the market in their quest to come up with the best 6 saw horses. The editors consulted saw horse professionals, read through customer reviews on amazon and carried out numerous tests.

We considered the load capacity, longevity, height adjustment, ease of use and portability to help us sieve the different models and brands to our best rated sawhorses.

1. Amazon Basics Folding Sawhorse

best saw horsesAmazon Basics Folding Sawhorse is an excellent product for both home users and professionals.  It comes fully assembled hence one does not have to worry about setting it up. After receiving the product, all they have to do is open it up and start using it.

It comes with locking braces, non-slip feet and fold out stoppers that helps in ensuring the user safety is guaranteed. Both the locking braces and non-slip feet is made from Amazon Basics stable saw horse. This guarantees the use comfort whenever they are using the tool. The fold out stoppers helps in preventing any type of movement ensuring you successfully complete your project.

This best saw horse is made using sturdy and high quality materials making it capable of withstanding weights of up to 900 lbs.  Despite being made of strong materials, it is lightweight and foldable making it an easy to transport and store saw horse in the market. This tool is waterproof making it suitable for use in any weather condition thanks to the hard density plastic which has been used in making it.

Product Specs

  • Brand:- Amazon
  • Item Weight:- 5.14 Pound
  • Global Ratings:- 4.6 out of 5

  • It is very simple to set up and use
  • Water proof hence can be used in any weather condition
  • Comes with a non-slip feet and locking braces ensuring user safety
  • An excellent product for both home users and professionals
  • Flimsy construction hence can easily break down if used for heavy duty tasks
  • There are customers who complained some of their saw horses arrived broken

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2. WORX WX065 Clamping Sawhorses

best saw horses

WORX WX065 Clamping Saw horse is a top rated tool that has all what you need from a saw horse. It is available in different design features making it one of the best portable saw horses in the market.  It comes with cord hooks, bar clamps and tool shelf that helps in keeping items.

Despite not being made using steel or any sturdy material, the thermoplastic polymer used in making it makes it have a decent strength and making it long lasting.

Although its cord hooks appear flimsy, they are known to serve a very important purpose. If you are a DIY user using this saw horse as a work table, be sure you will be impressed by the cord hooks since they make work easier and faster.

WORX WX065 clamping saw horse is made to help complete different home projects with lots of ease with its clamps ensuring the materials are kept stable and firm.  It comes fully assembled saving one the time he or she could use setting it up.

Product Specs

  • Brand:- WORX
  • Item Weight:- 17 Pound
  • Global Ratings:- 4.5 out of 5

  • It comes with a warranty period of three years
  • It is available at a relatively lower price
  • Comes well equipped with detachable clamps
  • It is foldable making it easy to carry around and store
  • Not a suitable saw horse for heavy duty use
  • Requires proper maintenance to be in good working condition

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3. Metabo HPT Sawhorses

best saw horses

If you are not new in the market of sawhorse or cutting tools you must have heard about Hitachi Power Tools. The Metabo HPT 115445M Sawhorses are the new version of Hitachi Power Tools.  It comes with one pair of saw horses and 2 pairs of sawbucks.

Each pair of sawhorse has a capacity to withstand 1200lbs load. The sawbucks are able to hold 2×4 flat on its side. It comes with an in built shelf while the Metabo HPT 115445M cord hooks can be used in providing enough space for organizing tools.  It is possible to use the bar clamp, quick clamp or old style pipe clamps together with this saw horse although you have to ensure the quality of the clamps are great.

This best sawhorse comes fully assembled and it is lightweight making it easy to carry around. Whenever you are not using it, you can easily fold and store it.

Product Specs

  • Brand:- Metabo HPT
  • Item Weight:- 11 Pound
  • Global Ratings:- 4.5 out of 5

  • It is lightweight hence easy to carry around
  • Foldable making transportation and storage easy
  • Comes fully assembled saving its users lots of time
  • User manual is well written and easy to understand
  • Can easily tip over since it is lightweight
  • Not a heavy duty saw horse hence can be used for casual works only

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4. 2x4basics 90196MI Custom Pro Brackets Sawhorse

best saw horses

2x4basics 90196MI is an affordable saw horse that suits individuals whose budget is not high. It is an excellent tool for DIY users.

Just like harbor freight saw horses, this saw horse comes with 8 stabilizing feet and 4 brackets. All its 4 brackets comprise of heavy gauge structural resin while the feet are made from wood.

Most DIY users prefer it since it is customizable. They can change its size in relation to their needs. However, the lumber never comes with this saw horse hence one has to purchase it separately.

Its brackets are quite tight and at times the bracket holes are miscast which means you might find it difficult to fit the 2×4 lumber.  To properly assemble this product, you will require a rubber mallet and a screw driver. Its set up process is quite fast and easy.

2x4basics 90196MI is capable of supporting up to 90kg of weight thanks to its sturdy and strong materials used in making it. This makes it an excellent saw horse for heavy duty tasks.

Product Specs

  • Brand:- 2 X 4 BASICS
  • Item Weight:- ‎8.38  Pound
  • Global Ratings:- 4.2 out of 5

  • It is easy and fast to set it up
  • Quite affordable hence suitable for those with limited budget
  • It is customizable hence one can change its size depending on the job they are doing
  • Made using sturdy and strong materials making it durable and long lasting
  • Made from wood making it quite heavier when compared to metallic and plastic saw horses
  • One has to manage the lumber by themselves

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5. Metabo HPT Compound 10″ Miter Saw with Sawhorses

best saw horses

Are you in need of an affordable saw horse that is of high quality and guarantees high performance? Think of non-other than the Metabo HPT Compound 10″ Miter Saw with saw horses.

Although it lacks many fancy features and the laser guide, do not under rate this saw horse as it is among the best performing units you can ever get at its low price.

Since it is a single bevel compound miter saw, you can use it in making bevel cuts ranging from 0 degrees to 45 degrees while the miter cuts can range from 0 degrees to 52 degrees.  Using this Metabo HPT Compound 10″ miter saw with saw horses is very easy and its thumb actuated miter enables one to between the angles making cuts with lots of ease.

It is among the largest CMS currently available in the market.  It comes with a very powerful 15 amp motor that is capable of spinning a TCT 10.5 inch blade at no load speed of 5000 RPM. This makes it possible to deliver clean and smooth cuts fast.

This home depot saw horse also comes with a large extended flip fence which is excellent when cutting large pieces.

Product Specs

  • Brand:- Metabo HPT
  • Item Weight:- 24.2  Pound
  • Global Ratings:- 4.7 out of 5

  • Quite affordable hence suitable for those on tight budget
  • Has a no load speed of 5000 RPM delivering smooth cuts
  • Comes with a powerful 15 amp motor ensuring great performance
  • Uses large fences making it suitable for large work piece cutting
  • Low quality of materials used hence not durable enough
  • Needs regular maintenance to keep it in good working condition

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6. Performance Tool W54035 Folding Metal Sawhorse


best saw horses

Performance Tool W54035 saw horse is among the best performing tools in the market. This saw horse is made using high quality and durable metal and is capable of holding up to 250 lbs making it an excellent product for heavy duty.  This saw hors is already assembled and ready to use hence one does not have to waste their time setting it up.

Its sturdy construction together with exquisite workmanship makes it very strong and capable of absorbing impacts and durable hence capable of ensuring smooth operation on long term basis.

This Performance Tool W54035 saw horse can easily be folded into a compact unit and together with its lightweight nature; you can conveniently transport it to different work places and store them with ease.

Its anti-sleep work surface helps in ensuring the work piece is always in place while its grip handle ensures it is easy to carry it around.

Product Specs

  • Brand:- Performance Tool
  • Item Weight:- 9.5  Pound
  • Global Ratings:- 4.2 out of 5

  • It is of compact and simple design
  • The top part is well padded to help in protecting its users work
  • It comes already assembled and ready to use
  • The construction is sturdy hence strong and able to absorb impacts
  • The user manual is not clear hence novice users have a difficult time using it
  • Requires proper care to increase its longevity

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Things to Consider Before Buying Guide Best Saw Horses

Who makes the best saw horses? Most sawhorses buyers are always interested in knowing sawhorse manufacturers as this will help them in narrowing down their options down to the top brands.  It is important that you are aware of all the factors you should consider when shopping for the best saw horses in the market.

In this section, we will be taking you through important factors you should prioritize before you invest in any saw horse.


Saw horses were not made to be bolted onto the ground. The best saw horses in the market are known to be very adjustable, portable and easy to use.  If you have a garage, a saw horse will act as the best temporary work bench when doing lots of different types of projects.

How portable saw horses lowes is will be determined by its weight and the amount of floor space it consumes.  When shopping for a saw horse, check how easy it will be to move around with it before you make any purchase.

Load Capacity

Most of the saw horses in the market are capable of taking between 200 and 2500 pounds.  You need to know the type of projects you will be handling to help you know the load capacity of the saw horse that suits your projects.  However, it is advisable that one goes for a load capacity that is higher than the projects they will be handling.

Adjustable Height

People are of different heights and so are the different projects they will be working on.  For example, the comfortable working height for an individual who is 5’5’’ and an individual who is 6’5’’ will be different.  It is important that you check if the saw horse height can be adjusted before you make any purchase.

It is possible to shorten or extend the saw horse legs whose height can be adjusted to ensure the person using it is comfortable.


Saw horses are made of three types of materials, namely, metal, plastic and wood.  When determining how long a saw horse can last, it is important that you always check on the type and quality of materials used.   If you are in need of a saw horse that will last for a long time, go for the ones made using durable and sturdy materials.

Ease of Use

There are some horses that come ready to use while others have to be assembled first.  There are some which are easy to use while others require an expert to operate.  You need to know how easy it is to use a particular saw horse before you purchase it. For example, if you are a novice, you will definitely require an easy to operate and simple saw horse compared to a professional who might require an advanced saw horse.

Frequently Asked Questions

We will be listing 5 most frequently asked questions about saw horses.

What are the uses of a saw horse?

The saw hors refers to a beam that comprises of four legs. It is normally used in supporting a plank or board for successful sawing.

What amount of weight is a saw horse capable of holding?

There are best portable saw horses that have different load capacities in the market.  However, most of the saw horses when paired together are capable of holding up to 1000 lbs.  The saw horses multipurpose handers together with the in-built work holding channels allows for fast access to the cable extensions.

What is the right saw horse to use for woodworking?

Woodworking saw horses are known to be the most stable, durable and adjustable in the market.  Before you make any purchase, you have to make sure the saw horse is capable of supporting the lumber weight you will be working on together with any equipment’s or tools you will be using.

What is the most suitable height for a saw horse?

Most saw horses have heights ranging from 28 inches to 32 inches as it will allow most people to comfortably work as they stand.

In case you are in the market for a custom fit, you will have to buy a saw horse whose height can easily be adjusted.

What is the right angle for saw horse legs when being used?

90 degrees is the right working angle. However, 65 degrees should be the angle from the straight line while the broad edge needs to be 25 degrees while the summation of all the angles needs to be 90 degrees.

Final Verdict

We hope this best saw horse review guide has been of great help to you can now tell what are the best saw horses are. However, it is important you read through the buyer’s guide section to know factors you need to consider before you can settle on a particular saw horse.

In case you are in need of any clarification or have a question, do not hesitate to reach us via the comment section below. Our support department will get back to you within the shortest time possible. Happy shopping!


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