Best Dewalt Router Bits Reviews & Buying Guide in 2024

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Routing wood was previously known to be a very cumbersome task.  However, technological advancements have made it easier and faster to route wood and other materials. DeWalt is a leading manufacturer of router bits. DeWalt is a top manufacturer of high-end power tools and makes good use of technology to help them in developing modern and advanced router bits.

However, the wide variety of DeWalt router bits has made it challenging for buyers to shop for the best DeWalt router bit.

In this review guide, we have reviewed the best router bits for Dewalt to help you choose the right router bit for your next project with ease.

Best 7 Product Review

With a 5 years experience in handling different power tools, our experienced editors spent several weeks conducting in-depth research on 45 different DeWalt router bits in the market. The editors consulted router bit experts and read through previous customer reviews on different online forums. The team also conducted several tests before arriving at the best Dewalt router bits.

During the research, the editors considered the design, point angle, performance, warranty period and cost of every product. 

After deliberations, the editors came up with the 7 best router bits for dewalt in the market.

1. DEWALT Titanium Nitride Coated Drill Bit Set, Pilot Point (Dewalt Router Bits)

dewalt router bits

This DEWALT Titanium Nitride Coated Drill Bit comes in a ToughCase system. This ToughCase system is well designed to help optimize the space of storage and ensure the impact driver drill bit is well organized and well kept.

Its patented bit bar makes it easier to remove the bit while its clear lid enables one to have a view of what’s happening inside. Made using a heavy duty metal, this best router drill is very durable, at least 5 times more durable than most of the other router drills in the market.

There is also a patented web taper that helps in increasing the strength of the bit while the pilot tip helps in delivering clear and fast burr free holes.  It is an excellent router bit for wood, plastic and metal cutting.

  • Comes with a connectable accessory system of storage.
  • Has a small bulk storage that comfortably fits in the Tough Case plus.
  • Its clear lid allows one to see inside contents.
  • Quite affordable hence suitable for those on tight budget.
  • Its tip will get blunt more often hence requires frequent sharpening.
  • It is not a good drill for ferrous metals.

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2. DEWALT DWMTCIR20 Screwdriver Bit Set with ToughCase Magnetic Case (Dewalt Router Bits)

dewalt router bits

DEWALT is a leading manufacturer of industrial power tools and accessories.  DEWALT DWMTCIR20 Screwdriver Bit is one of its top performing router bits in the market.

This DEWALT DWMTCIR20 Screwdriver Bit is well designed to experts request for a compact, functional and durable bit.  It is made from high quality, resistant and impact materials making it a heavy duty tool that is capable of withstanding any job site use.

This best dewalt router comes with a compact footprint that fits conveniently into the pouch or pocket of the user making it easier to access.  The small size of this router bit is large enough making it capable of holding the usual accessories such as the drill bits, 6-inch SDS+, hole saw and 1 to3/8 inch bits.

There are two magnets at the lid top and rubber bumpers that helps in protecting the case from sliding. It comes with in-built hooks situated at the back of the carry case making it easy for people to hang it.

  • Comes with in-built magnets ensuring convenient job site use.
  • Comprises of up to 20 impact driver accessories.
  • It is of a heavy duty design making it very durable.
  • It is perfectly sized to fit other popular accessories.
  • Quite costly and hence not suitable for those with a limited budget.
  • The user manual is not that clear hence beginners have a difficult time understanding it.

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3. DEWALT DWAMM18005 1/8IN MULTI-MATERIAL CUT OUT BIT 5 Pack (Dewalt Router Bits)

dewalt router bits

Measuring 3.19 by 0.93 by 0.93 inches and weighing 1.02 pounds this DEWALT DWAMM18005 router bit is small in size and of compact design. It is lightweight making it very easy to carry around and use for longer periods.

This best dewalt router is an excellent product for cutting fiberglass, aluminum, plastic, wood and vinyl siding.  It comes with sharp cutting edges together with a 135 split point angle that ensures good penetration. With this router bit, you can always be sure of getting a perfect start in all your drilling processes.

It comes with flat shanks that helps in ensuring the bits are well fastened to the chunk whenever drilling. Its enamel coating helps in making this product more durable. Its casing design allows one to store the drill bits according to their sizes. Its case is waterproof which helps in making it more durable.

  • It is quite affordable hence suitable for those in tight budget.
  • The casing is well labeled.
  • Its sharp cutting ensures good penetration.
  • Has an enamel coating that makes it more durable.
  • It is not heat resistant.
  • Friction can make it wear out easily.

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dewalt router bits

This DEWALT DWAST18020 router bit is made using hardened steel and comes with a sharp carbide tip that enables it to successfully cut through ceramic or glass metal. Its hardened alloy helps in preventing tip breakages.

It is an excellent router bit for cutting the gypsum and drywall board. The standard tip design does perform extremely well in the drywall and gypsum board.

It comes with 6 drill bits of sizes from 1/8 inches to ½ inches giving one freedom of choosing from any of those sizes. All these drill bits are stored in a weatherproof plastic casing. The casing plays an integral part in extending the drill bits durability.

The hard alloy presence in this drill bit makes it difficult to break while its flat shanks offer a great grip to the chuck.

  • It is quite affordable hence suitable for those on tight budget.
  • Offers you accurate and fast cuts.
  • Comes with hardened alloy making it strong.
  • Suitable for drywall and gypsum cutting.
  • Has to be lubricated to put it in good condition.
  • You can break it when drilling at high speeds.

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dewalt router bits

Are you in need of a router bit that will guarantee you high performance levels and comes with bits that are well sharpened? DEWALT DWAPP14002 router bit suits the bill.

Magnetic bit holder of this product comes with a strong magnet capable of holding both the screw and bit together. This makes it very easy whenever one is fastening the screws to wood and metal surfaces.

Its countersink comes with up to 5 dewalt router blades tips together with a hexagonal shank ensuring grip. The surface of this dewalt router bit set is coated with titanium that helps prevent the bit from wearing out fast.  This dewalt router bit comes with other drill bits such as nut drivers, center punch and the counter sinks. This router bit comes with everything you require.

You are assured of accurate and fast cuts when using this router bit. It comes with a pilot point tip that helps in ensuring you are always on track whenever you are cutting light cans and outlet boxes.

  • Coated with titanium to help prevent wearing out.
  • Has a magnetic holder that makes it very easy to fasten screws.
  • Has a carry bag hence easy to carry it around.
  • Guarantees high-performance levels.
  • Not resistant to heat.
  • Can break up easily when not handled with care.

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dewalt router bits This DEWALT DWAST18010 router bit is best suited for drilling materials like stainless steel, titanium and cast iron.  It is capable of drilling though abrasive materials well known to be quite difficult to drill.

This dewalt router bits lowes comes with a 135 degree angle bit head and completely reduces drill walking instances whenever one is drilling a tough material. With this router bit, you can always be sure that you will be well cushioned from higher drill temperatures. Its high speed steel and cobalt fusion offers heat resistance while the Gold oxide coating helps in increasing the capacity of heat resistance.

Twisted area presence helps in driving out materials being drilled ensuring minimal clogging. It comes with a set of 29 drill bits varying in sizes. All the drill sets comfortably fit in an easy to carry drill case.

  • It is of a standard tip design and hence performs well in gypsum and drywall board.
  • Ensures controlled and easy cutting.
  • Perfect for drilling hard materials.
  • Comes with an easy-to-carry bag.
  • Locating a particular drill set is quite difficult due to the poor layout arrangement.
  • Quite costly and hence not suitable for those on a limited budget.

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dewalt router bits

The DEWALT DWAPP18010 1/8IN is an excellent drill bit for general purpose drilling like plastics and wood.  Its 135 split point ensures there is no clogging whenever you are using it. It comes with a bent shaft that helps in ensuring all the drilled chaff is completely removed from the hole.

This dewalt router bits set comes with up to 10 different drill pieces of different sizes. The drill pieces sizes vary from 1/6 inch to ¼ inches making them suitable for household chores.  It comes in a simple and small packaging and offers an excellent arrangement of drill bits in relation to their sizes. 

In case you are in need of accurate cuts, then this dewalt router bit is a perfect option for you. It comes with a pilot point tip that helps its user remain on track whenever they are cutting around light cans or outlet boxes. It is an excellent router bit for cutting drywalls.

  • Comes with a pilot point pit that ensures one remains on track.
  • An excellent router bit for accurate cuts.
  • Effective when cutting drywalls.
  • Comes with 10 drill bit sizes.
  • The user manual is not well written hence difficult for novices to get started.
  • A bit costly when compared to other router bits in the market.

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Things to Consider Before Buying Guide Best Dewalt Router Bits

There are a number of factors which needs to be considered when choosing the best dewalt router bits in the market.  Every dewalt router bits is unique and specializes for a particular task.

In this section, we will be taking you through important factors you need to consider when choosing best dewalt router bits.

Point Angle

The drill bits tips are in most cases shaped in a particular angle.  The different angle provides varying levels of penetration in different materials.  The 135 split point angle is the most common type. It offers the best penetration in metal, plastic and wood. This angle completely does away with drill skating or walking instances.

Drill walking takes place when the drill bit is not restricted to your drill point.  There is also the 118 point angle which is best suited for use with plastic and wood surfaces.


Dewalt router bits comprises of several factors such as type of material used in making the dewalt router bits.

Before you select a router bit to purchase, ensure the product is made from a rust and corrosion resistant material.  It is also advisable that you settle for heat resistant materials due to the speeds of the drills and friction. 

The dewalt router bits design will also comprise point styles that include 118 degrees, 135 degrees split and speed helix.


Dewalt router bits are available in a wide range of prices due to the different features they possess. There are shoppers who are known to prefer buying the cheapest Dewalt router bits in the market. However, these Dewalt router bits lack important features and are build using low quality materials. 

Before you make any Dewalt router bits purchase, ensure you consider other features together with the durability of the materials used in making it. Not all the expensive router bits are the best. Cost should never be a sole determinant in the market.


Bits for dewalt router performance will be determined by the penetration and coating.  Majority of the best performing router bits in the market are coated with either Titanium Nitride or Black Oxide.  These materials offer drill bits heat resistance and lubricity increasing the drill bits longevity and making the user more comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions

To help you understand router bits better, we will be taking you through some of the most frequently asked questions.

How interchangeable are router bits?

Router bits are of two types, there are the ½ inch and the ¼ inch. They come with interchangeable collects that can be used any time. However, there are wood routers that accept the ¼ inch shanks only

 What is the best way to clean router bits?

Start by mixing detergent and water in a container and let bits soak for around 10 minutes. Remove them and brush them using a toothbrush ensuring any form of debris is completely removed.  Wipe moisture and properly store the router bits.

What is the right way of sharpening router bits?

The router bits sharpening seem to be an easy process. Most of them need chipping on their cutting edge using materials like diamond stones.  However, there are individuals who prefer applying water to act as a lubricant enabling them to wash away excessive particles whenever they are carving.

With the complicated process of manufacturing together with the materials used in producing router bits, it is preferable that you contract a sharpening service company to sharpen your router bits since it has all the required tools.  In case you are not in a position to contract a sharpening service firm, you can purchase new router bits to replace the older ones.

What is the lifespan of a router bit?

The lifespan of a router bit depends on several factors. There are people who have reported using their router bits for several years while others have used theirs for a few hours before they get blunt.  The router bits lifespan will be determined by the speed at which you are using, the type of material you will be using it on, how often you will be using the router bits and the type of router bit you will be using.

Final Verdict

There you have it! We hope this best DeWalt router bit review guide has been of great help to you. However, before you settle on a particular Dewalt router bit to purchase, take some time and read through the buyer’s guide section to familiarize yourself with important factors you need to consider when shopping for the best dewalt router bits in the market.  Happy Shopping!

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