Best Laminate Floor Cutter Reviews & Buying Guide

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Floor lamination is an important exercise that you need to invest in appropriately.  To ensure you get great results and you conveniently and quickly laminate your business or house floor, you need to invest in the best laminate floor cutter in the market.

Laminate floor cutters are made to help in cutting laminating flooring. However, the wide variety of brands and models of laminate floor cutters has made it quite challenging for interested buyers and especially first time buyers to purchase.

To help you land a perfect laminate floor cutter, we have reviewed the best 6 laminate floor cutters in the market looking at the features of each product together with its pros and cons. We have also listed important factors one has to consider to help make their shopping process easier and fast.

Best 6 Product Reviews

We carried out extensive analysis of 45 laminate floor cutters, interviewed laminate cutter professionals and ready customer reviews to help us come up with the best 6 laminate floor cutters in the market. We considered the type of materials used in making the cutters, their prices, type of blade, handle length and construction quality to help get to our final 6.

6 product reviews

1. Norske Tools Newly Improved NMAP001 13 inch Laminate Flooring and Siding Cutter

laminate floor cutter

Norske Tools Newly Improved NMAP001 13 inch laminate floor cutter is an excellent tool for cutting different types of materials.  It is a perfect laminate floor cutter to purchase since it comes with several benefits.

You can use this cutter to cut different types of materials such as cement fiber, wood and plastic. It comes with great features like a standard steel, extended handle, aluminum construction, high speed blade and table miter scale making it the best way to cut laminate flooring.

It is made using aluminum making it very durable and rust free. The blade is made using steel which makes it very strong.  Its long handle helps in improving its versatility and helps in increasing efficiency and reducing effort used.

You do not have to connect it to electricity to use it making it an excellent laminate floor cutter for rural areas. In case you have plans of breaking other materials from the laminate base, then this laminate flooring shears suits the bill.

  • Comes with a strong steel frame
  • Has a long handle with good grip that makes it perfect to hold.
  • It is a dust free tool
  • Made using lightweight materials making it easily portable
  • You can never be sure of getting accurate cuts
  • One needs more effort to operate it compared to other cutters

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2. EAB Tool Exchange-a-Blade 2100005 9-Inch Laminate Flooring Cutter

laminate floor cutterEAB Tool Exchange-a-Blade 2100005 is well known for its ease of use and durability thanks to the sturdy materials used in making it.

You can always be sure of sharp results whenever you are using this vinyl floor cutter. With this laminate cutter, it offers the best way to cut laminate. It also delivers straight cuts although its angled cuts can at times be perfect.

Its manual design ensures that there is no dust you have to worry about whenever you are doing any floor work. Although it is a standard tool for most homes, it can be of great importance in older and historical homes.

This florcraft laminate cutter blade can always be removed, sharpened and replaced.

Its package comes with a small grinding stone that you can use for grinding. It is quite affordable and durable making it an excellent choice for those with limited budget.

  • It is quite affordable
  • Its package comes with a small grinding stone
  • The blades can be sharpened, removed and replaced
  • Made using durable and sturdy materials
  • You have to properly lubricate it on a frequent basis
  • Difficult to get its spares in case it breaks down

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3. MARSHALLTOWN Ultra-Lite Flooring Cutter

laminate floor cutter

Marshalltown Ultra-Lite Flooring Cutter is an excellent tool for your next laminate, vinyl and engineered wood flooring installation project.

Weighing 14 lbs. this laminate floor cutter allows one to make accurate cuts without producing any dust and noise. To operate it one does not require any electricity making it an excellent cutter for both urban and rural areas.

This vinyl flooring cutter is capable of cutting products up to 12mm thick and 13 inches wide.   This best laminate floor cutter comes with a movable aluminum fence that ensures precise and repeatable 45 degrees cuts. It also comes with an integrated handle which makes it very easy to carry around. Its handle is well rubberized and has a strong grip that helps in preventing any slippage whenever one is pressing its lever down.

  • It is made using lightweight materials which makes it portable
  • Capable of cutting flooring of up to 13 degrees wide
  • Has a movable fence that ensures it can make 45 and 90 degrees cuts
  • Capable of cutting both vinyl and laminate of up to 12 mm thick
  • It is quite expensive making it a perfect choice for those in limited budget
  • Difficult to get its spares in case it breaks down

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4. EAB Tool 2100007 13″ Laminate Floor Cutter with Installation Kit

laminate floor cutter

Are you a heavy duty user, professional contractor or a DIY user in need of a reliable laminate floor cutter? Look no further as this EAB Tool 2100007 laminate floor cutter will offer you with all you need.

This best laminate floor cutter is designed with functionality in mind.  In fact, you will be surprised by its affordability and its superior performance.  Each component of this laminate floor cutter lows blade for laminate flooring is well engineered to ensure it surpasses any form of competition in value, performance, durability and quality.

EAB Tool 2100007 laminate floor cutter is designed to cut laminate for solid wood, vinyl flooring and engineered flooring measuring up to 15 mm.  It is possible to replace the blade of this cutter since it is removable. You can make adjustments to the blade by disconnecting the screws situated at the bottom.

With this laminate floor cutter rental lows, you will be capable of cutting to widths of 13 inches. It comes with an angled gauge that makes clear cuts when it is at 45 degrees.

You can use this laminate flooring saw at night since it operates quietly and produces no dust.  You do not have to connect it to electricity to operate it hence suitable for both rural and urban areas.

  • Comes with a removable blade making it easier to replace
  • Designed with functionality in mind
  • Does not use electricity making it perfect for rural areas
  • Quite affordable
  • Difficult to find its spares in case it breaks down
  • Its user manual is not that clear

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5. Roberts 10-94 Multi-Floor Cutter, 13-inch

laminate floor cutter

If you are in need of clean and impressive cuts and suitable for different laminate planks, then this Roberts laminate cutter is an excellent choice. This best jigsaw blade for laminate flooring is specifically designed for commercial and home use. It is among the most reliable and efficient laminating cutters designed for larger wood planks.

It comes with a 13 inch blade and has a large base that makes it very stable.   The larger design of this laminate floor cutter is clearly seen in its oversized handlebar that helps in ensuring it has an extra cutting power.

The Roberts 10-94 laminate floor blade is made from steel and tungsten making it very sturdy and durable. This also ensures it is capable of retaining its sharpness for some time.  It is possible to sharpen the blade of this laminate floor cutter using a grinding stone on a frequent basis.

With some lubrication, this laminate cutter can be among some of the most durable cutters in the market at its price range. This best jigsaw blade for laminate flooring offers 9 inch alternative hence can work wonders and offer fast results.

  • Comes with a large base making it very stable
  • Has a larger handle making it easy to use for longer times
  • Comes with a replaceable blade
  • Its blade is made from tungsten and steel making it very strong and durable
  • Its handle cannot be locked in one place
  • Difficult to get its spares in case it breaks down

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6. Bullet Tools – ES00-2009 9 inch Laminate Flooring & Siding Cutter

laminate floor cutterThis Bullet Tools – ES00-2009 is a mid-priced choice that guarantees you mess free and quiet activity. It is affordable making it an excellent option for those who have limited budget.

In case you are in need of a powerful cutter, this best saw to cut laminate flooring will offer high precision cutting for laminate floors.  It offers a dust free cutting process thanks to its practical nature. This laminate cutter is also free of power cords hence one can always use it without having to worry about the surrounding as it is very silent in operation.

This best saw to cut laminate flooring is made in the United States and comes with a 1 year warranty period covering any technical fault.  It comes ready to use hence requires no set up to be performed.

This best laminate floor cutter is an excellent tool for anyone who is planning to laminate floors. It can cut up to 5/8 inches.

  • It is made using high quality materials making it durable
  • Compact in design hence easy to store
  • Lightweight making it easy to carry around
  • No assembly is required as it comes ready to use
  • Quite expensive when compared to other laminate cutters in the market
  • Not ideal for cutting 45 degree angles

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Things to consider before buying Guide laminate floor cutter

When you are in the market for the best laminate floor cutter, there are important factors you need to consider to help you narrow down your options from the wide variety of models and brands in the market.

In this section, we will be taking you through important factors you consider before you can purchase a laminate floor cutter.

Blade Teeth

The number of teeth a laminate flooring cutter rental blade has is an important feature that you should never ignore.  Depending on the saw size, the number of teeth a blade has can be over 100.  Have a blade with more teeth will help make clear and smooth cuts.

Quality of Construction

Inferior blade is capable of compromising the cutter’s functionality. Never waste your time on laminate floor cutters that are poorly designed since they can easily crumble when used on a frequent basis.  Purchasing a laminate floor cutter with an inferior blade is capable of compromising the cutter’s functionality.

Tool Type

The type of tool you will purchase will be determined by the type of task you will be using it for. Circular saws and table saws are known to work well when making straight cuts.  However, when interested in making unusual cuts, you will have to go for a jigsaw to help you make the cuts around door jams or pipes. You will be having more power and in a position of changing positions to help you execute these difficult tasks using a compact saw.

Handle Length

There are floor cutters in the market than need extra length to enable them successfully cut through some materials.  When you purchase a laminate floor cutter with an extended handle, you can be sure of having a simpler and faster cutting process since it will offer you more power. 


The laminate floor cutters are available in different prices. Most people are known to rush for the cheapest laminate floor cutters in the market. However, most of these cheap laminate floor cutters are made of low quality materials and are not long lasting enough. They are not also capable of handling cumbersome cutting tasks.

There are people who think the most expensive laminate floor cutters are the best.  That is not always the case. It is advisable that you choose a laminate floor cutter in relation to the type of task you want to perform.

Customer Reviews

Before you settle on a particular laminate floor cutter, take your team and read through previous customers’ reviews. You can also read through different forums and get to know what other people are saying about that particular product before you make any purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the frequently asked questions about laminate floor cutters.

How safe is it to use a laminate floor cutter?

Learning to use a laminate cutter is a straightforward and easy process that does not require lots of resources and time.  To ensure you are safe whenever you are using a laminate cutter, it is appropriate that you always read through the user manual and get to know how you can safely use this product without risking your safety or of others.

What is the number of cuts one can make when using a laminate floor cutter?

Laminate cutter is capable of handling hundreds of cuts before sharpening the blade. Depending on the laminate plank thickness, you might have to do this much faster. However, there are several other things you will have to consider if you are planning to use the cutter for years.

How long can a laminate floor cutter last?

Laminate cutter is capable of lasting for several years if well used and maintained. Most of the best laminate floor cutters in the market are made from steel or a combination of steel and aluminum making them very sturdy and durable.

Can one maintain a Laminate cutter?

There are several maintenance practices you can use to help you prolong the lifespan of a laminate cutter. One of the maintenance practices is to ensure that you always sharpen its blade.  The other maintenance practices include oiling the blade whenever you are not using it to help prevent rust and storing it in a secure place. 

Why should one invest in the best laminate floor cutter?

We all want accurate and smooth cuts within the shortest time possible. No one would want to go back shopping for a new laminate floor cutter since she or he bought a low quality one. That means you have to invest in the best laminate floor cutter since it’s the only one that can assure you smooth, accurate cuts and durability. visit this site (Studyhomed)

Final Verdict

The best laminate floor cutters are very durable and handy hence worthy for you hard earned money especially when you want to perform a DIY project. Before you purchase any laminate cutter, ensure that you read through its features together with pros and cons. Also read through the buyer’s guide section to help familiarize you with important factors to consider when in the market for the best laminate floor cutter.

In case you are in need of any clarification or have a question, feel free to shoot it out on the comment section.  Our knowledgeable and experience customer service will get back to you within the shortest time possible.



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