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Do you need a new portable water heater electric? Then, you can be surprised to face a lot of options in the marketplace because numerous brands are available. People consider a water heater an essential appliance during freezing weather.

You will enjoy a relaxing bath with a water heater all the time. People who are sensitive to cold water love electric water heaters. The water heater is their most important home appliance in a home where people depend entirely on hot water.

The different branded water heaters are designed with additional features like types, longevity, efficiency, etc., so selecting the best one is very important. Don’t worry; today, we will discuss the top-rated 7 electric water heaters with detailed features, pros, cons, and a fantastic guideline. This discussion will help you to select the best electric water heater. Just dive into these reviews!

Best 7 Product Reviews-Reasons behind selecting these products

When one person purchases a portable electric hot water heater, some matters need to be known. A lot of water heaters are designed with different features and activity levels. If you need a new water heater, keep in mind that you will have better options to choose from and justify the best one.

For operating more efficiency, new and updated tank water heaters are very effective for using extra energy. We have tried to review here the top-rated and effective electric water heaters. There are some special reasons behind selecting these heaters.

These selected water heaters are top-rated with the best quality in the marketplace. You will get all special features of these water heaters. These heaters require more energy efficiency and multiple sizes at affordable prices. Just keep staying with us.  

7 product Reviews-A most informative discussion on portable water heater electric

1: Bosch Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater

portable water heater electric

Welcome to our first product review that is considered as the best portable hot water heater. We will discuss the most mobile and mini electric water heater bosch. This bosch water heater is designed in three compact sizes. You have a great choice based on your demand and space.

The installation process is straightforward for this mini tank that requires 35 inches to 37 inches cord plugs. You can fit it on the wall, inside a cabinet, or under your kitchen sink. The attractive design of this heater enhances your room decoration. It is ultimately a conventional electric water heater with only four gallons for you.

Users will get instant hot water according to their needs. They need not wait long to get their desired hot water. They will get up to two sinks of hot water at a time.

Using the process of this electric water heater is very simple. You have to tap the button and will get your desired hot water. This heater has the highest 98% thermal efficiency level.

It is a glass-lined water heater tank with CFC-free that will provide the highest durability to the users. Very portable to carry or move for its lightweight feature. Consider it as a portable electric hot water heater shower system.

Important features
  • Net weight:- 17.3 pounds
  • Product style:- Indoor
  • Source of power:- Battery
  • Available color:- White

  • Best quality service with instant hot water
  • It is a product with long-lasting quality
  • Easily installation process with quick setup
  • Very convenient and long-lasting product
  • Not perfect for a big family

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2: EcoSmart ECO 11 Electric Tankless Water Heater

portable water heater electric

Now, time to describe our second electronic portable water heater shower named ecosmart edo 11, which is tankless. The main feature of this water heater is that users will get endless hot water within a short time. They will save their time and money at a time. Besides these facilities, you can save the overall energy level.

This tankless ecosmart electric water heater is optimized for advanced heating technology worldwide. It is perfect for offices, inside a sink, restaurants, bathrooms, etc.

Consumers will get hot water from 1.3 to 3.1 gallons every minute, depending on the inside temperature level. This tiny-sized best portable water heater is around ninety percent smaller than all traditional heaters, which will save your room space.

It can control water temperature with a flow rate that will ensure the efficiency and highest performance level with endless hot water. These Eco smart water heaters are featured with ninety-nine percent thermal energy efficiency levels.

Special feature
  • Net weight:- 6.5 pounds
  • Product style:- ECO 11
  • Source of power:- Corded electric
  • Available color:- White

  • Endless hot water service provider
  • Portable size with beautiful slim fit design
  • Best portable hot water heater
  • Good quality with the capability of saving money, time, and energy level
  • Convenient height and weight
  • Only white color is available

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3: Proctor Silex K2071PS Electric Tea Kettle, Water Boiler & Heater

portable water heater electric

Protocol silex K2071PS electric tea kettle is our third selected best portable water heater. It is a heater that will provide fast boiling service with 1000 watts. Users can make tea or hot water within super first. Choose this product for your early morning.

This kettle can boil up to one-liter water, which will take less time than any microwave. It is ultimately safer than any other stovetop.   

These heaters are very simple to use and it will move with an on/off switch. Users can boil water quickly; this kettle turns off after boiling it, and there is no worry about overflow. It is a convenient pot perfect for quick movement from one place to another. This tiny kettle is ideal for making instant soups.

The pull-up handle presents these kettles as a most portable electric water heater that is easy to serve for anyone. You can carry this kettle on the table by detaching the cord.

Dual water windows are another fantastic feature of these kettles. Consumers can identify the amount of water from outside that will help them to prepare their servings within a few minutes.

Important features
  • Item weight:- 2.89 ounces
  • Total capacity:- One liters
  • 1000 watts
  • Available color:- Black

  • Fast boiling service with 1000 watts
  • Not hard to set up
  • Convenient to move from one place to another
  • Suitable for your desirable servings
  • Not perfect for bath

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4: Ecosmart ECO MINI 2.5 2.5-Gallon 120V Electric Mini Tank Water Heater

portable water heater electric

Ecosmart is our fourth detailed product description. It is featured with 120V that provides fantastic service. Consumers will save time and money by heating water within a few seconds. Users can take this electric mini tank water heater as the best portable hot water shower.

It is a trustworthy source of enough hot water. People who need a high volume of hot water with limited energy consumption can select this electric water heater confidently.

You will carry this quality water heater with its lightweight feature. This water heater can store up to 2.6 gallons of water for providing hot water. The users will get 99.8 percent energy efficiency with this heater.

This is a portable and effective electric water heater with an attractive design. Just choose this product for the people who need to identify temperature displays from the outside.

Key features
  • Net weight:- 15.8 pounds
  • Source of power:- battery
  • Product style:- Digital
  • 1440 watts

  • It is a water heater with 4-gallon tank
  • Easy installation system
  • This water heater is just worth of money
  • This package is involved with water heater, rough plumbing, etc.
  • Perfect only for a small family

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5: Stiebel Eltron Tankless Water heater

portable water heater electric

Stiebel Eltron Tankless portable Water heater is our fourth product for a description. This is an effective electric water heater with an advanced and updated safety protector facility. It involves one electric switch noise-free engine, and users will quickly read through the digital display.

Heat your desired water efficiently with this best portable hot water shower. This electric water heater is customized with an excellent controlling system. It is an endless water heater from which you will never stop your bath. You can set up based on your comfort zone. You will get an eco-friendly heater with the highest energy consumption benefit.

This excellent water heater can heat water differently, suitable for small to different-sized rooms. It is customized with 240V, 200 A, and 68 to 140-degree water temperatures. Consumers will get around three-year parts with an excellent satisfaction warranty.

Overall, all consumers will enjoy a continuous flow water heater while enjoying a hot shower. The great benefit is that it will not waste any energy in your absence and is also perfect as a portable hot water heater for camping.

Important features
  • Net weight:- 24 pounds
  • Source of power:- Hard wiring required
  • Total capacity:- .39 gallons
  • Available color:- White

  • Noise-free water heater
  • Enough energy saver capability
  • Highest capacity
  • Endless flow service with an attractive warranty facility
  • Only one color is available

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6: Bosch Eltron Tankless Water Heater

portable water heater electric

Our sixth product description is a propane tankless water heater named bosch eltron. The heating capacity of this heater is 1440 watts. The highest temperature rate of this tankless heater is generally from 65 to 145 degrees Fahrenheit. This mini and convenient tank will fit within a short cabinet or under any type of small sink.

The maximum capacity of this water heater is around 7 gallons, and it is customized with 98% thermal efficiency. You can consider this heater the most reliable water source for your home and office. It is a large model which will fit both horizontally and vertically.    

This lightweight and portable hot water heater is much more convenient and portable to carry from one place to another. It is the maximum energy-saving water heater and a more durable glassed tank. Consumers will set this model within a limited space in their houses.  

Consumers of these water heaters will get around a two years parts warranty and full six years unit warranty. This package is involved with repairing parts, rough plumbing, etc.

Important features
  • Net weight:- 29.5 Pounds
  • Voltage capacity:- 120 Volts
  • Source of power:- Battery
  • Capacity:- 7 Gallons
  • Available color:- White

  • Needed minimum time for heating water
  • Quality heater for long-time using
  • Fit for small spaces
  • Reliable and convenient heater
  • Not easy to maintain

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7: Ecosmart ECO Electric Tankless Water Heater

portable water heater electric

Sometimes, we need the best portable tankless water heater according to our room space. We may want a heater with a slim design that needs small space. If anyone is looking for a small-sized water heater, he can choose this amazing one.

This portable propane water heater is around ninety percent smaller than any other traditional water heater. This feature will save our home space and time also.

It is an ECOsmart electric hot water that is tankless. This tankless water heater has a thermal energy efficiency of up to 99 percent. It will save the average heating cost up to 50 percent.

Users will get their expected hot water based on the inner temperature level. This effective heater can provide from 2.7 to 6.5 gallons every minute.  

Important features
  • Item weight:- 4.99 kilograms
  • Highest capacity:- 3 gallons
  • Used material:- Aluminum
  • Available color:- White

  • Endless hot water service
  • Sufficient energy and time saver
  • Slim and attractive design
  • Requires small space
  • Best portable tankless water heater
  • No remote temperature control facility

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Things to consider before buying portable water heater electric

The electric water heater is one of the essential home appliances in countries where winter is the primary season. It is an average estimated cost that people in these cold areas consume around twenty percent of their overall household cost.

An electric water heater generally provides a family with more reliable warm water cost-effectively. We have covered all the essential features like their energy level, size, average cost, longevity, etc. These particular things you should consider before purchasing portable water heater electric-

Types of water heater

Consumers will get different water heaters based on their design and working capacity. Identifying the types of electricity is the first thing to consider. There are some types of water heaters in the marketplace.

Some common types are gas or propane, hybrid, and electric water heater. The most consuming and cost-effective water heater is the electric type because you can buy these electric heaters cheaply. It is comparatively easy to install this electric water heater but not cost-effective to conduct. So, before purchasing this electric water heater, you must consider the type based on your budget.

Room space

Room space is another crucial factor in selecting an electric water heater. Users need to justify the water heater size based on the room’s space. Firstly, you must choose a heater according to the number of your family members. Gas and multiple instantaneous water heaters are perfect for medium to large families, but an electric water heater is ideal for a small-sized family like two persons.

Preferable design

The design of the electric heater depends on its brand and quality also. Sometimes, the capacity of an electrical water heater depends on its design. On the other hand, a stylish design is always acceptable. Select a modern and slim-fit water heater design that will enrich your room decoration.  


The lifespan of an electric water heater depends on its capacity level, brand, and quality. We always want an electric water heater with more longevity. Select an electric water heater with more longevity. The average lifespan of different water heaters is from ten to twenty years.

Energy efficiency level

All users want to get a water heater with enough energy efficiency. The advanced and updated water heaters have more energy efficiency than traditional heaters. You can save your money by using an energy-efficient electric heater. So, try to select a heater with enough energy level.

Special features

Some special features you should consider before buying an electric water heater. Consider some special features like safety level, auto-off, capacity level, hard water, power consumption level, etc. All of these features can enhance the quality of an electric water heater.


Select a water heater with a minimum warranty from 1 to more. Security entirely depends on the quality brand. With a valid warrant, users will get an accessible servicing facility for a certain period. A replacement facility is available for some types of brands.

Besides these, let’s have a look at some tips that should be considered before buying a water heater, according to experienced consumers:

  • Select a heater from sixty to fifty degrees C to save energy.
  • I prefer 5-star rating product
  • Looking forward to the safety mark ISI
  • Always try to buy a branded product

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

 Question 1: which portable water heater is best?

Some quality and effective portable water heaters like Bajaj Splendora 3L instant heater, have instanio 3-litre instant geyser, ao smith ews-3 glass lined 3 liter 3kw, etc.

 Question 2: How much hot water does a 10 minute shower use?

Generally, you will get half a gallon in one minute. So, one can get around 25 gallons from a 20 minute shower.

 Question 3: Can you use a portable water heater is best?

Users will get a lot of hot water from a portable water heater. You can use it at home and outdoors also.

 Question 4: Can you get instant hot water with electricity?

Yes! You can get instant hot water from a small electric water heater. It can heat within a few minutes. It is just excellent and works better with no wastage.

 Question 5: Is portable water heater safe?

An electrical portable water heater can be unsafe anytime because it causes burns. Before buying a water heater, you have to check out the safety features of these electrical water heaters.

Final words

A portable water heater works simply. It’s not so hard to maintain a portable water heater electric. We already know an electric water heater’s basic and updated features. For buying a water heater, we have to know about the overall activities of the water heater.

Hopefully, we have gained a lot of detailed knowledge about the portable electric heater with a complete buying guide. So, pick the best electric water heater based on your needs and requirements.


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