What Is a Hammer Drill Used For Tips & Trick in 2024

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In case you have plans of drilling heavy surfaces like concrete, then there is no better option than the hammer drills as they are known to outperform the standard drills whenever you are planning to drill heavy materials.
The best time of using the hammer drill is when you want to drill a hole into masonry or a concrete. However, it is still possible for one to make holes without hummer drills and still make great progress. According to recent research findings, the hummer drills are known to run up to 25% faster averagely.

What Is A Hammer Drill?

What Is a Hammer Drill Used For

Hammer drills refers to ideal power tools for any active craftsmen. The hammer drills have 2, 3 and 4 different functions (percussion drilling, simple drilling, electronic and chiseling positioning). Due to the right and left operation principle, they are able to handle screwing tasks.

The hammer drills act and resemble the ordinary power drills although they have triggers, standard chucks and speed controls. They are also more powerful and larger in size. Just like the usual and standard power drill, the hammer drill can spin in the counter clockwise and clockwise direction.

The hammer drill features an extra hammer setting which activates the mechanism inside the drill. The hammer drill strikes the chuck back. The strikes also known as the blows is what sends the impact down the drill bit length into the material that is being drilled. The action will punch the bit forward.

Can a Hammer Drill Be Used As a Regular Drill

What Is a Hammer Drill Used For

It is possible for one to use the hammer drill as a regular drill. You can achieve this by turning off the hammer action and resorting to use it as a normal drill bit. Turning off the hammer action will help in reducing the timber cracking damages. By using the normal drill bit, you will have a sharper cutting edge.

Despite the hummer drills capability of being used as regular drills by using the right switch, they are still considered to be quite heavy. Apart from their capability of penetrating the hard materials like masonry and concrete, the hammer drill will never add any value to the functionality of the regular drills.

The regular drills are much more suited when it comes to handling their roles when compared to the hammer drills. You can purchase a hammer drill and still use it as a regular drill to help you save on space and cost.

Can You Use A Hammer Drill On Wood?

What Is a Hammer Drill Used For

Yes, it is possible for one to use a hammer drill on wood. However, you will have to ensure that you turn off the function of the hammer. When drilling into the wood using the hammer function on, there is a possibility of ruining the wood and the drill hole. This can prevent the drill from cutting which will make your work much slower.

Impact Drill vs. Hammer Drill for Concrete

What Is a Hammer Drill Used For
To help you understand difference between impact driver and hammer drill, we will first have to define what these two are.

Impact drills and hammer drills do have different applications. The impact drills are used in installing and removing screws and bolts while the hammer drills are used in drilling into hard surfaces like concrete and cement.

These two are very powerful tools which use different action mechanism. The hammer drill uses hammer like action on the drill bit to enable it drive into hard surfaces. The impact driver uses high torque to help screw in bolts.

Below are the differences between hammer drills and impact drills.

• The impact drills use the hex-shank impact ready bits with the hammer drills using all the bits.
• The impact drivers are known to be a bit smaller, lighter and shorter when compared to the hammer drills. This makes them more effective when being used in awkward or tight places.
• The hammer drills do have torque and speed settings while the impact drills do use pressure sensitive triggers to help in controlling speed.
• Users can choose the right time to use the hammer drill settings although the impact drivers do automatically engage the impact anvil.
• Impact drills maintain better contact with the fasteners when compared to the hammer drills despite the hammer settings being disengaged.

How to Drill Into Concrete with a Regular Drill

What Is a Hammer Drill Used For
Drilling into concrete using an ordinary drill is possible. However, the regular drills do take long to drill into concrete when compared to the hammer drills. One will also require more physical effort.

Here is a step by step guide on how to drill into concrete using a regular drill

Create Drilling Point

Starting a hole on smooth concrete can be quite difficult since the bit has the tendency of slipping from its desired spot. You can tap lightly at the nail set or center punch using a hammer to help make a small indent on the concrete.

Set up the Depth Stop

Make adjustments to the depth stop on the drill side to the intended depth hole. You can also take measurements of the hole depth on the drill bit using a tape measure. Thereafter, wrap the bit section using a tape to mark where you should stop drilling.

Add Drill Bit

Hammer drills are known to use chuck key systems to help secure drill bit. Start by opening the chuck jaws using the key, put in the bit and thereafter turn the chuck key in a clockwise direction to help tighten the bit.
In case you are using the regular drill, there is a chance it might be having a keyless chuck. Open it using your hand by moving it in a counter clockwise. Then, insert the bit and turn it in a clockwise to help tighten the bit.

Set the Shop Vacuum

Ensure the shop vacuum nozzle is placed within 2 inches of the drill point. In case you will be drilling into a slab or concrete, kneel lightly on nozzle to have it properly held in place. You can consider placing a heavier object on top of the nozzle to help stabilize it. Thereafter, turn on the vacuum.

Start Drilling

You can now squeeze the trigger to start the rotating the drill bit albeit at a slow speed. Press lightly on the drill and allow the drill to perform the tasks.

Take Breaks

When you are using the hammer drill to help you drill concrete, it is of great benefit to always take breaks. Taking breaks will give the bit time to cool down and give one the opportunity to vacuum all the debris from the hole. Ensure you check the bit condition when taking the break to ensure it is not broken or dull.

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Hammer drills are known to have several options. Apart from the main classification, it is important to consider the values of specific features it comes with. For instance, cartridge size, power, impact force will all help you in making the right choice. Never forget about the extra functions which are endowed with the modern hammer drills. The professionals’ models are usually supplemented with the second handle to ensure comfort whenever you are holding the device due to the high impact it emits.


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