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A telescopic ladder is an essential piece of equipment that is of great importance for DIY projects. However, purchasing a telescopic ladder and using it correctly are two different things. Despite it coming with a user manual, most first-time users still find it challenging to use it. In fact, most people do make mistakes due to negligence that can lead to unbelievable damage.

In this article, we will be explaining to you what is a telescoping ladder, how to use telescopic ladder, and some of the benefits that come with using a telescopic ladder.

What Is A Telescopic Ladder?

What Is A Telescopic Ladder?

A telescopic ladder is based on a series of metal tubes with each being slightly smaller than the like. Users are capable of extending the telescoping ladder to its full height depending on the requirements of the projects they are working on.  Whenever each segment is extended, there is a safety latch that kicks in and helps in ensuring the ladder does not collapse until the user retracts it manually.

When the telescopic ladder 20 ft. is fully collapsed, the telescopic ladder is in most cases not more than 2 or 3 feet tall. It can easily be lifted or carried using a single arm. This makes transporting and storing it quite easy.

How to Use Telescopic Ladder

How to Use Telescopic Ladder

To ensure any DIY project is successful, it is important that you know how to use telescopic ladder properly. Keeping in mind all the risks that are involved in climbing up the ladders, it is important that you know your way round a telescopic ladder.

Take your time and familiarize yourself with all the safety features that come with a telescopic ladder before you can start using it. One important preparation protocol is ensuring the locking mechanism is always engaged before you can start climbing up the ladder.

Setting up the Telescopic Ladder

Setting up the Telescopic Ladder

  • Keenly, follow the steps below whenever you are extending the telescopic ladder to ensure proper use of it.
  • Start by releasing the strap and secure the retracted ladder.
  • Thereafter, position the telescopic ladder in an upright position making it ready for use.
  • Step on the bottom run to help in holding the ladder firmly in position.
  • You can now remove the top run connecting using your hands
  • Thereafter, pull every rung to full extension ensuring the locking mechanism is properly engaged before you can embark on extending the next rung.
  • Properly repeat this procedure several times until you get to the right height
  • Ensure you do not step on the top most rung.

It is important to note that there are things you need to avoid whenever you are using a telescoping ladder.  First, you should never try making adjustments to the rungs whenever you are using the telescopic ladder since it will affect its locking mechanism. You also need to ensure that the ladder rests on a clean and flat floor. The last thing is never to try boosting the height of the ladder by placing objects below the ladder.

Ensure you always adhere to these precautions whenever you are using a telescopic ladder as they will help you avoid risks and ensure you have a great experience.

Retracting Telescopic ladder

When you are through with using the telescopic ladder, you will have to fold it ready for storing it. This is another exercise you need to handle with care to avoid any accidents or injuries.  One major precaution you need to consider here is to restrict placing your hands between the rungs whenever you are retracting the ladder.

You can use the following procedures to help you fold your telescopic ladder.

  • Start by holding the ladder by couplings below the rungs and ensure the latches are always active.
  • Thereafter, place the thumb on the lock button you are interested in excluding with the rest of your hands placed below the coupling.
  • Keep in mind that placing your hands over the locking mechanism can make them stuck.
  • Now, push the lock buttons inside when the upper stage is dropping.
  • Repeat this procedure for every step until such a time when all the rungs will be collapsed.

After retracting the telescoping a frame ladder, ensure you secure it will a strap that is properly and tightly fastened. Remember to position your hand outside of the telescopic a frame ladder. This will help protect your from accidentally opening and injuring the user and at the same time damaging the ladder.

Are Telescopic Ladders Any Good

Are Telescopic Ladders Any Good

When telescopic ladders are properly used, they can be very safe. Most of the injuries that are come with using ladders happen when people try to stretch the ladders beyond their safety zone. Injuries can also happen when people set the ladders on unsteady ground or angles that are not safe.

All telescopic ladders are rated to hold up to a particular weight that is inclusive of the users, tools or any other material that will go up the ladder.

Benefits of a Telescopic Ladder

Benefits of a Telescopic Ladder

There are several benefits that come with using a telescopic ladder. In this section, we will be listing some of the outstanding benefits:

Easy to Store

You can store telescopic ladder anywhere thanks to their fold ability feature. You can fold them down to reduce their size and store them in any space be it in a cupboard or a car boot. This ensures they do not consume lots of storage space when they are not in use.

Easy to Transport

There is nothing quite frustrating than having to shove your telescopic ladder to a van just to move them around. Definitely, you will at one point want to move the ladder to a different work location. You want something easy to transport. The fold ability feature of this ladder makes it easy to transport. The materials used in making it are also lightweight which makes it not too heavy to carry around.

Easy to Adjust to the Right Height

It does not matter if you are in need of changing a light bulb, painting a ceiling or cleaning the gutters, with telescopic ladders, you can easily make adjustment to its height to suit what you want to reach at. This will ensure you set it to the right height where you can work in the most comfortable position.

Are Quite Affordable

Telescopic ladders will not cost a fortune to purchase.  Despite the high quality of materials and their great features, these ladders are quite affordable and can easily be purchased without breaking the bank. They are also long lasting which makes them to be a worthy investment on long term basis. After spending the initial cost on purchase, you will just have to maintain it well as it serves you for years.


There you have it. We hope this article has been of great help to you in making you understand what a telescopic ladder is and how it works. After purchasing a telescopic ladder, it is important that you maintain it well to prolong its lifetime. Ensure you do not carry weights exceeding its limit to avoid any form of accident or injury. These are easy steps telescopic ladders which are easy to climb up and down when in use.


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