The Best Electric Razor for Elderly Man Reviews & Buying Guide

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Whether you are in need of a rotary or foil shaver for an elderly man, there is a wide variety of electric shavers to consider. There are elderly people who will prefer cordless foil shavers that offer a comfortable close trim and glides effortless while others prefer premium model that is easy and quiet to use for people with sensitive skin.

The different brands and models in the market have made it quite challenging to get the right shaving tool. To help you get the right electric razor for the elderly, we have compiled a list of best electric razor for men to help make your work easier and fast.

Best 7 Product Reviews

We spent weeks analyzing different electric razors for elderly men in our quest to come up with our final 7 products. We consulted 5 electric razor professionals, read through customer reviews and our editors carried out numerous tests.

We considered the quality of the razor blades, the performance of their motors, battery longevity and speed of charge and if they deliver smooth shave or not.

1. Remington Virtually Indestructible Foil Shaver 5100 PF7855

best electric razor for elderly man

Remington is a very popular brand known for manufacturing top performing electric savers. One of its top ranked devices is the Remington Virtually Indestructible Foil Shaver 5100 PF7855.

This best electric shaver for sensitive skin comes with 1 trimmer and 2 foils in the head. Its head can pivot downwards and upwards and moves around the contours of the face offering a comfortable and easy shave. Cleaning this razor is very easy. All you have to do is remove its head and rinse it.

It is an affordable razor and a perfect option for comfortable and smooth shave.

  • It is a budget friendly shaver hence suitable for those with limited budget
  • Offers smooth and comfortable shaves
  • It is very easy to clean
  • Uses a rechargeable battery
  • Made of cheap plastic hence not durable enough
  • Produces lots of noise when being used

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2. Panasonic Arc5, ES-LV65-S Electric Razor

best electric razor for elderly man

Are you in need of an electric razor that comes with sophisticated feature for a comfortable, smooth, precise and close shave? Panasonic Arc5, ES-LV65-S Electric Razor fits the bill.

This best electric razor comes with 30-degrees Nano blades, in built sensor that helps in adjusting power automatically and a pop-up trimmer.  The flex head of this razor adapts well with the contours thanks to its powerful motor.

This best electric razor for men can run 14,000 cuts every 60 seconds producing 70,000 cycles for all the five blades.  The back and sides of this razor are of ergonomic design offering it a comfortable and firm grip. It has a very long lasting battery that takes 1 hour to fully charge and can last for 45 minutes when shaving.

There is also LCD display that helps in displaying important data like battery charge life, shaving duration and reminding the user of the sensor mode.

This electric razor is also waterproof making it very easy to clean.  Most people like it because it comes with accessories like universal power adaptation, cleaning brush, travel case, lubricant and a protective head guard.

  • Comes with a warranty period of 2 years
  • Its package comes with important accessories
  • Waterproof hence easy to clean
  • Has an inbuilt sensor that automatically adjusts power

  • Lacks quick charge feature
  • Quite costly

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3. Braun Series 5 5050cs Electric Razor for Men

best electric razor for elderly man

Braun Series 5 5050cs electric razor for men is an efficient and reliable electric razor for the elderly thanks to its efficiency and great features it possesses.

This best electric shaver comes with autosense technology that helps with reading and adapting power to the beard density. That explains why it captures and cuts lots of hair in a single shave.

Its Easy Clean system ensures that cleaning Braun Series 5 5050cs electric razor is fast and simple without having to remove the shaver head.  This best electric shaver for sensitive skin comes with 3 flexible blades which easily adapt to the face contours and are well designed for comfort of the skin and closeness.

You can easily upgrade its accessories thanks to the Easy Click which ensures the upgrade process is easy and quick for all your grooming requirements. 

  • Uses an Easy Clean system that ensures fast and easy cleaning
  • It is 100% waterproof making it suitable for both dry and wet use
  • Uses autosense technology that helps with adapting power
  • Easy Click ensures it is easy and fast to upgrade

  • It struggles when it encounters stubborn hair
  • Its charging stand is of no value

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4. Braun Series 5 5050cs Electric Razor for Men

best electric razor for elderly man

Braun Series 5 5050cs electric razor is a top ranking razor that suitable elderly men. It uses Autosense technology that reads and automatically adapts power in relation to your beard density. It can capture and cut more hair in a single shave.

The Easy Clean system it uses ensures a simple and fast cleaning without one having to remove the shaver head. This best cartridge razor comes with three flexible blades that easily adapt to your face contours.

This best electric shaver is designed for comfort and closeness with the skin. You can easily upgrade the best cartridge razor with new accessories to suit your grooming needs thanks to the Easy Click.

Its powerful Li-on takes 1 hour to fully charge but for a single shave, 5 minute shave will suffice.  This electric razor is 100% waterproof and can be used with gel, foam or under the shower.

  • It is build it last
  • 100% waterproof hence can be used with foam, gel or under the shower
  • One can use Easy Click to upgrade its accessories
  • The easy clean system ensures cleaning it is simple and fast

  • Comes minus a travel case
  • Its standing charge add no value to it

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5.Braun Series 9 9390cc Electric Razor for Men, Waterproof Foil Shaver

best electric razor for elderly man

If you are in the market for a top electric razor in terms of technology and performance, Braun Series 9 9390cc should be your choice.

This best electric razor is well designed to offer one a close shave without any irritation. It is a perfect option for those with sensitive skin since it can make up to 40,000 cross cutting in a single minute.  One does not have to apply lots of pressure when using this razor thanks to its multiple foils.

This best electric shaver sensitive skin is capable of capturing hairs as short as 0.05mm. Most people prefer it due to its gentleness on the skin and it does an excellent job in doing away with the toughest beards.

The blade of this best electric shaver sensitive skin is made from stainless steel and are hypoallergenic hence can adapt to any type of skin.   This razor comes with a charging and cleaning station that ensures. The cleaning station ensures you can give this razor a clean wash after using it.

  • It is well designed and has an appealing look
  • One does not have to apply lots of pressure when using it
  • Comes with a cleaning station for cleaning it after use
  • Blade is made of stainless steel hence rust resistant
  • A bit costly hence not suitable for those with limited budget
  • Cleaning it manually is a bit complicated

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6. Braun Series 8 8467cc Electric Razor for Men

best electric razor for elderly man

Braun Series 8 8467cc electric razor is a reliable and efficient device that can suit any elderly man. It uses SyncroSonic Technology that produces up to 10,000 sonic vibrations in a single minute.  It comes paired with an in built protective Skin Guard that helps in smoothing the skin ensuring a comfortable shave is achieved.

This best electric razor for sensitive skin uses a pop-up precision beard trimmer that guarantees accurate sideburn and moustache trimming to ensure a clean shave. It captures more hair in a single strike compared to any other shaver in the market.

This best electric shaver for head is built with Opti Foil which ensures ultimate closeness that lasts longer while the 10D flex head helps in adapting to a facial contour.  The in-built Autosense technology is responsible for reading the beard and automatically adjusts its power in relation to the beard density. The LED display helps in showing battery level and status of hygiene.

  • It is a budget friendly electric razor
  • Can be used on any skin type
  • Comes with LED display to help reveal battery status
  • It’s in built protective Skin Guard ensures smooth skin

  • Quite difficult to clean it manually
  • The user manual is not clear

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7. Braun Electric Series 3 Razor with Precision Trimmer

best electric razor for elderly man

This Braun Electric Series 3 Razor is designed in Germany.  It ensures attention to detail and ultimate precision.

It uses a three blade free floating systems which allows for facial contours ensuring a flawless finish. Braun Electric Series 3 Razor comes with a middle trimmer that helps in cutting difficult hairs. It uses 2x SensoFoil shaving elements that ensure comfort to the electric razor target and ultimate closeness.

With this best electric razor for sensitive skin, you can be sure of accurate sideburn and moustache trimming.  It comes with a specialized micro comb that is well designed to capture more hear within a single stroke.

It is a very durable electric razor that has been built to last. When well maintained, it can last up to 7 years. The best electric shaver for head comes with a Niamh battery that is rechargeable and can give one up to 45 minutes of shave time.  It also has a very quick shave. A five minute shave charge is capable of shaving an entire head.

Its package comes with a protective cap and a smart plug that ensures automatic 100 to 240 adjustments in voltage.

  • Built using high quality materials making it long lasting
  • Uses a rechargeable battery that can last up 45 minutes when shaving
  • Comes with a specialized micro-comb that helps in capturing more hair in a single stroke
  • Has a protective cap that ensures it is well stored

  • Quite costly compared to other electric razors
  • Difficult to get its spares in case it malfunctions

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Things to Consider Before Buying Guide Best Electric Razor for Elderly Man

Getting to your final best electric shaver for men can be a challenge. To help you land your preferable choice, we have listed important factors you should consider when shopping for the electric razor for elderly man.


When in the market for the best electric razor for elderly man, ensure you go for a motor that is powerful enough and can comfortably shave off the hair on your face without lots of struggle or force. It is also important to check on the products warranty period since that will help tell your how durable the motor is. There are powerful motors but do not last.


When shopping for your best electric razor for elderly man, ensure that the products battery is able to last for a minimum of 1 hour. This will enable you shave your entire face without having to recharge it.

There are electric razors that come with a charging dock that enables one to charge their razors from wherever they are. There are complex razors that require you to unscrew the razor bottom to place it on charging cord.

Charging Speed

It is important that you purchase an electric razor that charges quickly. You need to check the quick charging feature before you make any purchase. With this, you will be able to shave within a few minutes and will never have to wait for long periods for your electric razor to charge.  It is an important feature since it will help you quickly charge your electric razor whenever you are in a hurry.


Electric razors are available in different prices. When in the market for an electric razor, ensure you go for one within your budget allocation. Never rush for the cheapest since there are high possibilities it will not last for long.  The cheapest electric razors lack many features and are build using low quality materials. However, it does not mean the most expensive electric razor is the best, goes for what is within your budget and has all the necessary features you will be using.

Ease of Clean

No one would be interested in a hard to clean electric razor blade since it can be a real hassle when you are short of time.  Ensure you shop for one that is easy to clean and comes with washing accessories like cleaning brush.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use an electric razor?

Electric razors are known to be much faster and easier to use when compared to the usual razors.  Another reason why you should be using them is less chances of causing skin irritation which is an important factor especially to those having a sensitive skin.

How long does the electric razor battery last?

The duration your electric razor last depends on different factors such as how often you will be using it and the type of electric razor you have.  Before you make any purchase, ensure that you always read through the product specification to know the type of battery and how long it lasts when fully charged.

Is it advisable to use a shaving cream with an electric razor?

It is not necessary to use a shaving cream whenever you are use an electric razor. However, there are individuals who find it useful as it helps in getting a closer shave.

What is the safest method to use when shaving an old man?

It can be a bit tricky to shave an elderly man compared to shaving a younger man.  You have to take your time and use the right amount of pressure whenever you are shaving. Ensure you also avoid going against the grain since it can cause irritation of the skin. Whenever you are not sure on how to shave, consult a stylist or a professional barber.

What are the shaving tips for an elderly man?

When shaving an elderly man, ensure that you shave with the right amount of pressure and use short strokes to help avoid irritation. Always rinse the blade after every pass and ensure you use the sharpener to have your razor blade sharp.  Before you start shaving, ensure the electric razor has enough charge that will last you through the entire shaving duration. 

Final Verdict

There you have it! We hope this best electric razor for elderly men review has been of great help to you in your quest of choosing the right electric razor to help you out. However, before making your choice, it is advisable that you read through the buyer’s guide section to familiarize yourself with the important factors you need to consider.  The FAQ section will help you understand some of the most frequently asked questions concerning electric razors. Happy shopping!


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