Sleeping With Fan On Tips & Trick in 2024

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Sleeping with the ceiling or floor fan is a great and low-budget method of keeping yourself cool especially during the summer periods although the breeze coming from the fan can be harmful to one health.

Your sleep can easily be disrupted by sneezing or coughing or there is a possibility of you waking up feeling sore or stiff.  However, sleeping with the fan on will help circulate the air and enable you to save money on your electricity bill.

In this article, we will be taking you through some of the reasons why you should sleep with the fan on and some of the negatives that come with sleeping when the fan is on.

Reasons You Should Consider Sleeping with the fan on


Sleeping With Fan On

Here are some of the benefits that come with sleeping with the fan on.

Comfortable Sleep

The fan’s steady air stream helps in regulating the temperature of the room as it wicks away moisture from the body.  Hot sleepers are known to appreciate the fan’s cooling power since they are less likely to wake from their night sweats.

Promotes Air Circulation

Open window will always let in pollen, dirt and other allergens to get inside the bedroom thereby increasing coughing and sneezing risk at night. However, the fan offers constant air supply without allowing allergens to get in.

Money Saving

Although the fan is not that effective in offering constant air blast as the air conditioner, it is known to consume less amount of energy. You will save money on your power bills during the hot months by using fan.

What Is The Impact Of Sleeping With Fan On Sore Throat?



Sleeping With Fan On

The air that circulates from the fan is capable of drying out your nose, mouth and throat. This can easily lead to mucus overproduction that can cause sore throat, stuffy nose, headaches and snoring. Although the fan will not make you fall sick, sleeping with fan on sick will definitely worsen symptoms in case you are already under the attack.

Is Sleeping With Fan On Bad For Health?

Despite sleeping with the fan on having some advantages, its disadvantages will definitely prevent you from using a fan. Sleeping with the fan on will cause the following:

Trigger Allergies

The fan will blow up pollen and dust particles in the room. In case you are suffering from fever, allergies or asthma, the flying dust will trigger or worsen the symptoms causing itchy throat or eyes, running nose or sore throat.

Creation of Dry Air

Running fan will create dry air. Dry air will lead to lack of humidity which can cause dry mouth, dry eyes and dry skin.

When you sleep with open mouth, the constant air blast will lead to uncomfortable dry mouth. However, keeping water close to you can help although waking up at night to drink water and soothe the dry throat can be of less possibility.


When fan is on, it will dry your throat, nose and mouth. This might force the body to overcompensate by producing more mucus to help in lubricating the body.  Mucus overproduction will block nasal package causing sinusitis. This will make you experience stuffy nose, snoring or sinus headache.

Aggravate Muscles

The cold air coming from the fan can lead to sore and stiff muscles. When sleeping with a fan on near you, there are possibilities the body muscles can stiffen and ache. The cool air will cause contractions of the muscle which might make the muscles to tense and cramp.

Can Sleeping With Fan On Cause Stuffy Nose?

Sleeping with fan on can easily cause nasal congestion due to the cold breeze that is coming from the fan. The cold can dry the throat and nose moisture. This will make you experience headache, stuffy nose, snore, sore throat or watery eyes especially when you sleep under a fan more often.

Since air circulation from the fan will dry out the throat, nose and mouth, there will be mucus overproduction which will lead to a stuffy nose.

Is Sleeping With Fan On Bad For You?


Sleeping With Fan On

Fans are suitable for individuals who get hot whenever they are sleeping at night. When sleeping in a room with its windows and doors closed, fans will help with the circulation of air and will ensure your bedroom is kept cool.

In case there is lots of noise where you are living?  Fans are a cheaper and effective device to help dull the noise. The fans are also of great help if you are sleeping with a partner that snores and you are looking for ways to drown the sound out. In case one of you sleeps hotter than the other person, you will be interested to at least one of the bedroom sides cooler.

Does Sleeping With A Fan On Dehydrate You?

When sleeping with the fan on, it will cause nasal passages and mouth losing moisture through drying them out or through evaporation. The blast of air on the human body from the fan will leave one more dehydrated than the normal circumstances.  There are individuals who usually sleep with partially open eyes making their eyes dry out.

Why Do I Get Sick When I Sleep With A Fan On?

The blast of air coming from the fan is capable of drying out the sinuses and producing mucus. The cold air from the fan will make the muscles tense which will lead to sore muscles on the human body.  However, when the fan is on, there can be increased allergy symptoms that can disrupt the pollen and dust around the bedroom.

Why does sleeping with a fan make your throat hurt?

Constant flow of air from the fan while sleeping will dry the throughout especially when sleeping with the mouth open. The air coming from the fan will dry the nasal passages. You can reduce this is by using the fan rotating instead of one that steadily blower and unrelenting flow.

Why Can’t I Sleep Without A Fan Blowing In My Face?

Sleeping With Fan On

One of the reasons why we always depend on a reliable fan to help get some sleep at night is more about the white noise and less on the temperature. The white noise will work by masking the difference between the peak sounds and the background sounds. It will help in maintaining consistency in your environment at night when sleeping.

According to recent research findings by National Sleep Foundation, the white noise is considered to be an excellent game changer for the light sleepers since it offers them the opportunity of sleeping peacefully throughout the night. The white noise will always create ambient sound that helps in reducing disturbance like barking of the dog, floorboard creaking, peak sounds that will be disruptive.

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Use of the fan when sleeping is an effective and cheap method to keep you cools during the humid and hot nights. However, sleeping with the fan on can trigger sore muscles, dryness of the mouth, nose and eyes, allergic reactions and congestions to people.  In case you are suffering from any type of allergies but sleep hot, you can try using humidifiers and air filters to help in reducing the allergies symptoms.



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