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With the summer season fast approaching, it is important for any homeowner to know how to position fans to cool a room.   It is a fact that most countries around the world have endured record-breaking temperatures during the summer.  For example, there was a period in California US where residents were battling a heat dome.  There are people who have lost their lives due to high temperatures, especially during the summer season.  Do window fans work? This is one question most homeowners have either asked themselves or researched about in their quest to cool their house room.

It does not matter where you live, with the summer season fast approaching, it is important that you know how to position fans to cool a room

How to Use a Box Fan in a Window

How to Use a Box Fan in a Window
How to Use a Box Fan in a Window

The box fans are an excellent option when it comes to drawing cool air in and pushing hot air out. This can be achieved by placing the box fans in the window with one of the fan pulling cool air in while the other fan is blowing hot air out. This is only possible when it is cold outside than inside. It is possible to use the box fans to help in circulation of warm air throughout the house even in the cooler months.

Window Fan vs. Box Fan

Window_Fan_2Window Fan vs. Box Fan

Most people are not sure on whether to go for a window fan exhaust or intake. The box fans do operate just like any other ordinary fan. They are of great importance for direct purposes like cooling off or drying off individuals instead of cooling the entire room.

The window fans do operate in pairs.  One blows air in while the other blows air out. The two fans do work to remove the hot air and replace it with cool air.  When they are placed in the right position, the window fans are capable of bringing the temperatures of a room down while the box fans are only capable of creating a cooling effect.

How to Install a Window Fan

WindowFanHow to Install a Window Fan

Installing a window fan in your house or office space will help cool your room especially when the air outside is cooler compared to the air inside. Window fans use less energy when compared to air conditioning units. This makes lots of sense to operate a window fan on a cooler day and at night.

 Using a window fan that comes with an in built thermostat will always turn off the fan whenever the room gets to predetermined temperature settings. It will automatically turn on when the temperature rises above the settings put in place. With this, it will help save energy by not running the fan whenever it is not necessary.

The process of installing a window fan is quite easy since you do not require any tools for installation process.

Here is a step by step guide on how to install a window fan.

  • Start by opening the window fully. Thereafter, set the window fan in a horizontal position in a double hung window vertically. Ensure the left side of the fan is situated at the bottom of the window opening in case it is a slider window.
  • You can now close the window against the fan. Ensure the window bottom is set against the windows fans flat top.
  • Thereafter, pull out the extender panels on every side of the window fan. Lift the fan to the window casing. This will help keep any uninvited creatures from crowing through the opening on both sides of the window fan.

Are Window Fans Safe in the Rain

Are Window Fans Safe in the Rain

The window fans are known to be very safe in light rain. However, they are not that safe when used when there is heavy downpour, storms or extreme weather conditions.   Window fans are specifically designed to withstand outdoor conditions and they will continue operating safely provided they do not get extremely wet. Some of the safest window fans in the market are the wet rated fans that come with storm guards.

The window fans are very safe in a light drizzle. The motors that come with the window fans are always sealed to help protect them from moisture. The blade of the window fans are designed to be weather resistant. The window fans are never designed to withstand moisture level they can encounter during heavy rains. The strong winds are also capable of dislodging the window fans from the window making them fall down. This can cause injuries to someone close to it. There is also the possibility of short circuiting and sparking fires.

Fan in Window Facing In Or Out

Fan in Window Facing In Or Out

It is advisable that you place the reversible window fan on the warmer side of the house. This will enable it blow the hot air out. The inward facing window fans should be on the cooler side to help in blowing in the cool air.

When you are living in a multi-level house, the upper floors of the house will most likely be warmer during the summer season when compared to the ground floor.  In such a case, it is advisable that you have the window fans blowing out of the windows on the upper floors to remove the warm air in the house. However, when the temperature outside starts dropping, you can pair that with the window fans blowing inwards in the shadier rooms to help in maximizing the flow of air in your house.

How to Position Fans to Cool A Room

How to Position Fans to Cool A Room

There are different ways you can position your Dura craft window fan to cool a room. However, the best way you can position your window fan to effectively cool a room will depend on a number of factors. Some of the most common factors include:

  • Temperature difference outside and inside your house
  • Wind direction
  • Weather condition
  • The number of window fans you own
  • The number of floors or levels in your home

One of the most reliable and effective ways of positioning your home depot window fan to cool a room is to point it outwards during the hot days and inwards during the cool days. It is possible to use two window fans. The two fans should be positioned at opposite ends of the house or room to create air exchange that will make it possible to cool your room much faster and reduce the electricity amount you will be using.

Try thinking of it like the draft that has been created by opening the back and front door on shotgun style homes. You will at one point create a wind tunnel, when the wind direction changes, you might be tempted to experiment by moving the window fans.  The more the wind is blowing into your inward facing window fan, the more cool air will enter your house.

Does Blowing a Fan out The Window Work

Does Blowing a Fan out The Window Work

Yes, blowing a fan out of the window will work for expelling hot air or replacing the tainted air with fresh air. This will help in cooling down the room and make it more livable.  However, putting the window fan facing out of the window does not work well in extreme or cold weather. The window fan impact will also be reduced if the house is not properly ventilated using up to date practices.

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We hope this article has been of great help in explaining how to position fans to cool a room.  It is important to note that you should always place the fan somewhere that is convenient for you to turn it off. Leaving the window exhaust fan on for long periods will make it generate some heat from the power source. Although the heat is minor when compared to the heat of hot summer season, it is a waste of energy.


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